home sales drop

Home Sales Drop Again, Harvey Devastates Texas and the Country, ARMs Make Another Appearance, and More

home sales dropThe news in the industry this week is somewhat sobering, starting with the continued home sales drop—for the fourth month in a row. Where is the market headed? Harvey continues to make headlines as Texans try to recover in the aftermath. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Administration have extended an offer of forbearance to borrowers in the area—but will it be enough? ARMS are making a comeback. Great idea—or a disaster waiting to happen? And finally, some tips to help you reach top agent status.

Home sales drop again—and will continue ‘unless supply miraculously improves’

The market has experienced its fourth monthly decline in home sales over the past five months. The problem? Too many buyers and not enough sellers. The question? Will it ever end?

Harvey hits mortgages as flood-stricken homeowners are unlikely to pay

The situation is dire in Texas, where those in the Houston area have been hard hit with flooding because of Hurricane Harvey. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Administration are extending a 90-day offer of forbearance to borrowers in the area.

Living in a post-Harvey Houston: lessons we can learn

Hurricane Harvey has caused unprecedented disaster in Texas—and the aftermath will be unrivaled as well. This article offers some insight into what we can learn—and expect—as the Lone Star state recovers and rebuilds.

More buyers likely to consider ARMs again

Looked upon most unfavorably after the housing crisis of a decade ago, adjustable rate mortgages are starting to regain their popularity. But are ARMs different today than those sometimes irresponsibly granted in the past?

How to be a top real estate agent

You may be an experienced real estate agent—but how successful are you? Have you reached “top agent” status? This article gives you some tips on getting there.