homebuyers and tax reform

Homebuyers and Tax Reform, Housing Bubble, Negotiating a Price Reduction, Dressing to Sell, and More

homebuyers and tax reformThe market continues to look good as we head into November’s first weekend, but it’s not all sunshine and roses. Homebuyers and tax reform continue to make significant headlines. The Urban Institute is reporting that some cities might be nearing a housing bubble. Every real estate agent eventually has to figure out how to negotiate with a seller who just won’t budge on the asking price. On the lighter side: Your personal appearance is essential when it comes to your personal brand—and that includes how you dress.  Finally, tips on how to camouflage those eyesores in your latest listing. Happy reading!

4 things to know: homebuyers and tax reform

The benefits of homeownership will take a hit with the Republican’s new tax proposal by eliminating or nullifying tax benefits. Some say the middle class will be hurt the most, with the wealthiest Americans coming out ahead. Redfin reports on what you need to know.

Urban Institute: Some cities might be close to a housing bubble

As the real estate market continues to be hot, the question in the back of many minds is this: Are we getting close to a housing bubble? A new study by the Urban Institute talks about growth across the country and how the reasons for it can indicate whether or not metropolitan areas are headed in the direction of a bubble.

How do you negotiate a price reduction with a stubborn seller?

When faced with a seller who doesn’t want to budge on a home price, what are your options? This article lays them out—and they are not as complicated as you might expect.

 Dress to match the market you sell

When you are showing different kinds of properties to various types of buyers, you want to dress appropriately—without having to worry about multiple wardrobe changes all in the same day. Here are some tips for creating the appropriate wardrobe foundation, regardless of where and to whom you are showing homes.

 24 ways to disguise a home’s ugliest eyesores

Sometimes it’s the little things that can turn off a prospective buyer. Check out these hacks for tidying up your listing and improving your odds of a quick sale.