Homebuyers Invest in Vacation Homes, Mortgage Applications Stall, Home Supply Falls, and More

invest in vacation homesTake a break from Black Friday shopping to catch up on all things real estate. This week’s headlines include weekly homebuyers who are priced out of their local markets are getting creative, Redfin’s report on how dwindling home supply is impacting the market, appropriate holiday decorating when a home is for sale, a fresh approach to looking at the GOP’s proposed tax reform, and some of the crazy things real estate agents have seen—and caught on camera. Enjoy!

Homebuyers priced out of primary markets invest in vacation homes

Here’s a twist on homeownership: With real estate prices at an all-time high in some metro areas, buyers are using their money to purchase vacation homes in more affordable areas.

What happens to the real estate market when supply falls for 25 straight months?

There are plenty of homebuyers out there, but the supply of homes on the market continues to be a problem. Redfin’s latest report goes over what is happening with the market as a result.

The new tax plan and the death of homeownership

The real estate industry overall is adamantly opposed to the proposed tax changes on the GOP table. Will the changes really decimate the housing market? This article offers a fresh perspective.

Selling a home for the holidays? Don’t let your seller be a curb appeal Scrooge

Selling a home during the holiday season doesn’t mean skipping the holiday décor. But it doesn’t mean decorating à la Clark Griswold either. Here’s some good advice to share with your sellers.

Realtors see the darndest things…

There are dos and don’ts when it comes to getting your home ready to sell. We’d venture to say that these are all firmly planted in the don’t category.

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