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Investing in Real Estate 101, New Real Estate Market Player, Teardown Homes, and More

investing in real estateThis week’s real estate news includes the dos and don’ts of investing in real estate. Plus: When a house has multiple offers, is the highest offer always the best offer? There may soon be a new player in the real estate market—and it’s a giant. Selling a home that is more than likely going to be torn down? Make sure you present the property in such a way as to get the most money out of the sale. Did you ever make a mistake that really got you down? We’ve got an article that will have you picking yourself up and dusting yourself off—and learning from it.

5 do’s and don’ts of investing in real estate

When you are a real estate agent, there are plenty of reasons to get into real estate investing, diversified income streams and long-term appreciation among them. Here are some dos and don’ts to make sure you are doing it right.

This house had 22 offers. Here’s why the owners didn’t take the highest

Multiple offers are not uncommon these days, and it is a no-brainer that sellers will go for the one that offers the most money. Or is it?

How to sell a teardown house

In areas where undeveloped land is at a premium, you may find yourself listing a home that is likely going to be torn down for a new build at the site. What can you do to make sure your sellers get the best return on their investment?

Amazon poised to enter U.S. real estate service industry

There are plenty of players already in the real estate referral business, but perhaps none as big as retail behemoth Amazon. Industry insiders expect CEO Jeff Bezos to make an announcement soon.

6 ways to boost your confidence after making a big mistake

Everyone makes mistakes—and that includes even the most experienced real estate agents. When it happens to you, here are some tips to make sure you come back from it stronger and more confident than ever.

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