2019 paved road

An entire town you can buy for $3.8 million (Plus, other links)

2019 paved road

Once a month we curate the most relevant events and news in the world of real estate. Our aim is to educate, entertain and provide insight into industry specifics. Find the latest collection below:

Read: Here’s what to expect for the rest of 2019

Staying on top of the real estate trends is crucial to your success when it comes to adjusting to changes in the market. This roundup of forecasted trends on Nerd Wallet breaks down nine ways the writer expects the market to change in the last two quarters. 

The writer expects mortgage rates to remain low but contends that affordability will likely be difficult for some buyers, particularly those on the lower end of the spectrum. That’s because home prices are expected to rise, which will essentially negate the benefit that lower mortgage rates would seemingly offer.

Watch: This video featuring an entire town you can buy for $3.8 million

Story, Indiana is for sale—the entire town, that is. Located just an hour south of Indianapolis, Story sits on 17.4 acres featuring barns, horse pastures, gardens, a grain mill, rental cottages and a historic general store. For the investor who values character, Story could be a goldmine for the price. A popular destination for weddings and events, Story offers a quaint taste of rural bliss for visitors. According to The Sacramento Bee, the town was populated by “three people, four dogs and, reportedly, a ghost named The Blue Lady” in 2018. Now for sale, a buyer could have the entire town for the price of one luxury home.

Check out the video highlighting what you get for $3.8 million here

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Follow: HomeLight on Pinterest

Pinterest offers the same visual-based content as Instagram, which benefits viewers by featuring content that is easy to consume. Self-described as “all the best tips, inspiration, and insights you need to sell your home faster and for more money,” HomeLight is a great Pinterest page for agents and homeowners alike. Their featured boards include “Quick Real Estate Tips,” “Inspired Kitchen Designs and Decor,” and “DIY Home Repair,” but they provide other tips for design features that sell. With 1.5 million monthly viewers, HomeLight is one of the many gems on Pinterest with advice to help you grow your business. 

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you can read up on the latest tips and tricks for selling a home on their website

Listen: Rev Real Estate podcast offers tips for agents

Podcasts can make a commute bearable. Rev Real Estate School has a great one hosted by Michael Montgomery, an esteemed real estate professional and owner of Renzo Real Estate. Focused on helping agents secure 50 deals per year, the podcast offers tips and tricks to maximize productivity. With episodes discussing a range of topics from text message marketing to how to rock an open house, the Rev Real Estate podcast is a valuable source for any agent. 

Spice up your time in the car and learn relevant tools for your business at the same time. The podcast is available on both iTunes and Google Play. 

Act: Take summer break by storm with an organized community event 

Summer is a great opportunity to make connections within your community. Whether you take advantage of an existing event or organize your own, getting involved with local events can help you stand out as an agent. Is there a summer gathering for the neighborhood in which you work? Attend with the intention of meeting people and hand out business cards. Are you selling a local property? Throw a summery event to show off the house and invite the entire block. You can potentially sell a property and grow your contact list in the process. 

Establish yourself as an expert in the community by showing leadership and taking advantage of seasonal opportunities. You can check your community event calendar for ideas.

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