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Down Payment Myths, Prices and Buyer Competition Heat Up, Technology and Mortgages, and More

down payment mythsWhether you are catching up on your reading at the pool relaxing or in the car between home showings, we’ve got your news covered. NAR’s latest report shows that there are a lot of down payment myths that still prevail; make sure you set your buyers straight. Although mortgage rates are up, this hasn’t slowed down the market: Home prices and buyer competition continue to hit new levels. The impact of technology on getting a mortgage, networking tips for any room, and more round out this week’s stories.

Report: Down payment myths prevail

If your clients are putting off homebuying because they believe they don’t have a big enough down payment, they might be in for a surprise. According to NAR’s recent National Housing Pulse Survey, many people think they need more of a down payment than they actually do.

Home prices and buyer competition hit new highs in June

The market continues to trend upward, reaching numbers experts say have never before been seen. It’s a dog-eat-dog world for buyers trying to get their offers accepted.

How technology plays a part in getting a mortgage today

Technology. If you’re like most people, you probably have a love-hate relationship with it. But there’s no denying it plays a significant role in our lives today—and that includes getting a mortgage.

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Owners overestimate value by lower margins

No one can deny that home values are on the rise, but the truth is that many homeowners still believe their homes are worth more than valuations appraisers assign.

10 networking tips for working any room

Networking is necessary for many careers, but for real estate agents, it’s essential. Here are some tips on making sure you are getting the most value out of it.