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Real Estate Investing, New Boom Towns, Social Media, and More

Listen, watch, read, and follow the latest and greatest in real estate insights—February 2, 2018, edition.

WATCH: Online shopping trend creates boom towns across the U.S.

There is plenty of grumbling about how online shopping is forcing many retailers across the country to close the doors on their storefronts. But some companies are riding the trend just fine. Companies like Home Depot, for example, are embracing the online shopper. It, along with other giants Pepsi and Amazon, is setting up enormous fulfillment centers to feed America’s appetite for online shopping, jumpstarting local economies as new businesses open to support the influx of workers. If you are a real estate agent in one of these areas, you might already be noticing an uptick in business.

LISTEN: Epic Real Estate Investing

“Where’d the Fire Go?” is the latest episode. Matt Theriault is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and host of the EPIC Real Estate Investing podcast. His goal is to show you how to create wealth through real estate investing. In this podcast, highlighting Financial Freedom Friday, he talks about sustaining one’s motivation and excitement for the process of investing.

(0:34) What happens to people who want to invest—yet they suddenly lose their motivation?
(0:48) The process begins with curiosity.
(1:04) What brings this self-perpetuating cycle of enthusiasm to a halt?
(1:18) People realize there is a lot of work involved with real estate investing.

Listen to the full podcast here.

READ: Go beyond traditional ‘just listed’ social media content

If you’re using social media strictly to post new listings, you are missing out. In fact, says this article by RIS Media, this is not a sustainable practice. Why? Because listings don’t inform or engage anyone who is not specifically looking to purchase in that moment. Instead, you need to provide followers with a balanced mix of content.

FOLLOW: Bryan Casella

Young real estate agent Bryan Casella is wildly successful on social media as well as in real estate. His YouTube channel alone has more than 63,000 followers. One of his recent videos highlighted his purchase of a Lamborghini Huracan. (He talks about why he financed this six-figured-vehicle in this video.)


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