Guess Which Real Estate Market Grew Most Since the Recession? (Plus More Links)

Twice a month we gather the best real estate links across the internet and bring them to you, so you don’t have to wade through them yourself. Here’s what you should be paying attention to this week.

Read: Bay area real estate has grown most since the recession

Have you been wondering what parts of the country bounced back quicker than others after the recession? Well, according to the Mercury News, who quote figures released by Trulia, home values in the Bay have steadily increased, with San Jose leading the way at 122 percent increase. In second place nationwide is Las Vegas (114 percent) while the national average is 45 percent.

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Watch: Beat a seasonal slump and sell more real estate this fall and winter

Fall and winter can be tight months for real estate agents, especially when people feel that others are less likely to move homes around the holidays or when kids have just started school. This 10-minute video gets into detail about how to keep your business growing no matter what time of year.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 2:37 — Find out what a seller’s motivation might be for wanting to hold on to a house during the fall or winter. Challenge their assumptions that no one buys during the holidays.
  • 3:48 — If there are fewer buyers during these months, and also fewer listings, that there are fewer houses in the pool for people who are looking to buy.
  • 5:35 — Buyers who are out there during the holidays are motivated. That’s a good thing for sellers.

Listen: Get better at social media

Social media can take up a lot of your time, plus it involves some trial and error. However, real estate agents who master social media and their marketing budgets earn more in the long run. Devote some listening time to the Social Media Marketing Podcast, which has a massive backlog of episodes that cover every aspect of social media marketing. Every episode is 45 minutes long, and there’s so much to learn. Instagram! Facebook! Going live on YouTube! Messenger bots! You name it, they’re talking about it. Don’t stay in the dark on social media — turn this on while you’re driving and start to educate yourself.

Follow: Guy Kawasaki on Twitter

Guy Kawasaki, you know him, he was one of the original Apple employees tasked with marketing the computer in the 1980’s. Now he’s at the helm of marketing for Canva, the plug-and-play graphic design company. Through his Twitter, he often posts links that are helpful for business and marketing minds. Plus, he shares a link to his “paper” — a curated selection of links he updates each day. While he doesn’t often post links specific to real estate, if you like the Silicon Valley-style marketing ethos then you might find something to click on within his Twitter feed.

Act: How can you help with Hurricane Florence?

This is a particularly poignant question if you live and work near any areas that are impacted by the hurricane — including areas where people have evacuated to. If you’re not close by, now might be a good time two consider two questions: do you have a plan in place for how you’ll respond, as a business, to a natural disaster in your area? Also, will your business participate in any natural disaster charity efforts nationwide? If your answer to the second question is yes, consider if Hurricane Florence is the right moment for you to make a difference — then get out there and do something!  

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