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8 Ways to Generate Endless Real Estate Blog Ideas

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A real estate blog is one of the best ways to market your real estate business. Your blog not only helps build your brand and credibility as a real estate pro, but it also helps you attract new prospects. And the ideas for content creation are endless. To get you started, here are some of our favorite sources for generating real estate blog ideas.

1. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator can recommend headlines to fit the keywords you want to target. You enter three keywords or phrases, and it will give you a few title suggestions.

2. HitTail

HitTail is a keyword analysis tool that uses Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools data to find what keywords drive traffic to your website and suggest new keywords that you could be targeting. You can then use those target keywords as inspiration for numerous real estate blog ideas, post topics, and headlines.

3. Popruls

When it comes to headline inspiration for your real estate blog, Popurls is a great source. The site aggregates top stories from around the web onto one page.

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4. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

This free tool allows you to search for any keyword related to your topic and provides hundreds of related keywords and phrases for you to target.

5. Übersuggest

Another good tool for generating real estate blog ideas is Übersuggest. It shows you the top ten suggested keywords or phrases when someone starts typing in Google’s search box.

6. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Get a full report about your headline with CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer. It will make sure your headline will do well in search engines and social media by reporting on the overall structure, grammar, and readability of your headline.

7. Real estate forums, discussion boards, and groups

The number of forums and discussion boards online are limitless. You can find discussions going on about pretty much anything. Bookmark a few of them to see common questions or discussions that are happening, and you’re sure to find a few ideas for your real estate blog or social media posts. A couple forums and community boards to check out include City-Data and Agents Online. You can also do a local Google search to see if there are any forums specific to your market areas.

Just like forums, social media groups can also help you generate real estate blog ideas. Facebook and LinkedIn real estate groups are particularly well-moderated and generate great discussions and, hence, ideas.

8. BuzzSumo

If you’re looking for blog post ideas that are popular on social media, BuzzSumo is a helpful tool. Its social search engine finds content that is shared the most on social media and helps you organize it by topic, author, and domain.