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Three Outstanding Moms in Real Estate

Everyone knows that moms are rockstars. But it takes an extra special mom to rock it at home and in real estate. This month we’re celebrating moms in real estate by asking others to nominate an incredible mom and real estate pro.  Check out some of our rockstar mom submissions below and then take a few minutes to recognize a real estate mom in your life (and you will both be entered to win $250).

Rosa Costen: Real estate agent and top-notch mom

Real Estate Agent, Atlanta | Optimus Real Estate Brokers | Facebook

My wife is hands down the most amazing Real Estate mom I know. She left the corporate world several years ago to help me with my real estate business as my assistant and to be able to spend more time helping out at school for our two daughters. That first year with her help was the most productive in my real estate career and each year since has seen bigger and better numbers in OUR business. In addition, she was able to volunteer at both my daughter’s schools being a homeroom mom for each of them. She is truly amazing! At the end of 2016, with my daughters getting older, we decided it was time to for her to get her real estate license. She passed the test with flying colors and added to our sales volume in 2017 to have yet another record-breaking year for OUR business, despite never having any prior sales experience or training. We have now entered the Spanish market because Rosa is fluent in English and Spanish (her native language).  She is still my full-time assistant, handling all transnational paperwork, in addition to being our marketing and social media person, buyer agent and full-time mom. We have a goal to have a 50% increase in business this year, and I have no doubt we will make it or come pretty darn close with my the help of my super wife, mother to my girls and real estate professional…Rosa Costen! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to brag about my best friend. She is the glue to our family and business and deserves tons recognition. I’m going to give her a huge hug and big kiss as soon as I hit send.

Nominated by: Jeff Costen

Chrissy Sodar Real Estate Agent and Mom

Chrissy Sudar: REALTOR and outstanding mom of four

REALTOR, Utah |R and R Realty | Facebook

I know Chrissy is an amazing angel. I mean agent from first-hand experience. I have bought more than a few homes through the years and even worked with agents through rentals. I feel like I have enough experience to be a pretty good judge. Chrissy was the easiest and most fun to work with. She handled everything with such professionalism and real thoughtful attention to detail. She showed up for everything, even the inspection. She followed that poor inspector around to make sure he caught everything. She was there through every decision and offered her opinion when asked. She was even there when I second guessed myself. She was patient and kind and constant.

Since the purchase of our home Chrissy and I have become very close friends. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her better and seeing her interact with her sweet family. She cares for their mind, body and soul. She is always going the extra mile to make sure they excel in school, get the best nutrition and the best emotional support. She does all those things a mother should do, but she is constant about it. I have to tease her sometimes because she makes me look bad. Seriously, could she just feed her kids cereal for dinner a few times? Is that too much to ask? But she is always going above and beyond to be a fun, sweet mom who laughs with her kids.

I have heard that sometimes we can judge a person’s character by the way their children behave and excel. I’m telling you, her kids are some of the kindest most well-intentioned people I know. They work hard to achieve their goals and remember the feelings of others in the process.

I hope I’ve made you wish you knew Chrissy. If I’ve described her with an ounce of the recognition she deserves; you will want to call her right now and invite her out for an iced beverage.

Nominated by: Emily Harrison

Jan Jacques: Successful REALTOR, mom and grandma

Real Estate Agent, Springfield, Missouri | The Jacques Company| LinkedIn

Not only is my mom the fairest in the land, but she also works harder than people half her age.  She leads our team of five to achieve the highest award (Platinum Medal) for sales production at our local board of 2,100.  We earned this so many years in a row that we were conferred Lifetime Member status in 2016.  Believing the proverb that starts, “Behind every great man…”,  I know my Mom has proven that true for decades.  She supported my dad as he was Board President for several organizations over the years, including our local Board of Realtors.  This year, she is supporting me while I get to follow in his footsteps as Realtor Board President.  Thus I would finish the Proverb to say, “Behind every great man is a greater woman (or mom) who is making it possible!”

Jan serves the community in her own ways as well.  She volunteers at an area Literacy Council reading books to children in their elementary classrooms.  She has served as a greeter and Sunday School Teacher at our church for the last forty plus years.  Somehow, she still finds time to make the rounds and attend the sporting events, school productions, and other special events of her six grandchildren and three children.

In spite of her high sales production, civic and church involvement, and commitment to her family, she is still well-liked by her colleagues and a model of excellence and professionalism.  When her kids were young, their friends loved coming to her house and being spoiled by her.  Now that they’re all grown up, nothing has changed.  Instead, they stop by her office to visit, get a hug, and share a cup of coffee or one of her scrumptious desserts.

I wish I could recount all of the other awards and achievements she has won in her lifetime. However, she has not lived for any of those.  She never submits her name or looks for ways of being recognized.  Her family and clients are the most important to her and serving their needs above her own have been her lifelong goals.  Helping her clients achieve the American Dream is one of her most rewarding activities.  Seeing her family earn accolades thrills her to no end.  Once a year though, she deserves to reap a little of what she has sown.  Now is that time.

Jan is a classy lady, a successful REALTOR, and a beloved Mom/Grammie.  But most of all, she is the perfect “best friend.”

Nominated by: Michael Jacques

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