Guess What U.S. City Has the Most Expensive Real Estate? (Plus More Links)

There’s a lot of real estate content out there. Some of it — great. Other stuff — not as helpful. Twice a month we round up the best real estate content on the web and serve it to your on a silver platter so you don’t have to do the tough work of finding good content yourself. Here’s the most recent installment.

Read: Guess What U.S. City Has the Most Expensive Real Estate per Square Foot

OK, we’ll tell you — it’s Manhattan. CNBC recently reported that some properties in Manhattan top $10,000 per square foot, with an average price of $1,773 per square foot. You thought it was going to be San Francisco, didn’t you? Well, San Francisco sits at second place with an average of $902 per square foot. At almost half the price of Manhattan it almost makes San Francisco look like a deal. Read more about the details of the report here.

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Listen: Austin Real Estate Agents Talk About Their City and Life in the Business

While this is a very local-oriented podcast, this week’s edition talks with real estate agent Lilly Rockwell about her job and the basics of real estate. It’s easy to listen to and fun if you’re wondering how other people are getting into real estate. Access the podcast here.

Here are some highlights, if you don’t want to listen to it all:

6:03 — How do you find leads? Are you trying to convince everyone you know to buy houses or how do you find new clients?

6:48 — Do real estate agents choose a segment of the population to specialize in? Or a neighborhood to specialize in?

9:30 — What’s surprising about working in real estate?

Watch: 5 Ways Some Entrepreneurs are Preparing for a Real Estate “Crash”

As you keep your eye on the market if you’re worried about a downturn, here are some ideas to keep in mind. Basically, the video mostly talks about how to trim the fat on your business so you’re not caught with a huge overhead if a recession creeps up.

1:46 — Be conservative with your payments on your primary home (the one you live in).

4:15 —Should you provide complimentary services like staging?

5:07 — Pay off lines of credit, or reduce the balance.


Follow: Cheap Old Houses on Instagram

Are you obsessed with fixer-uppers OK great, so is this Instagram account called Cheap Old Houses. It was started by Elizabeth Finkelstein who runs CIRCA Old Houses, a property listings website that’s zeroed in on historic homes.  For those who love old homes — or for your clients who are looking to buy or sell something unique in this category, following this account is a must.

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