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Real Estate Trends for 2018, America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes, Fires in Southern California, and More

real estate trendsThis week’s selection of real estate news includes Forbes’ latest list of the highest-priced zip codes across the country. As we get closer to 2018, has published its take on the latest trends we might be able to expect. There has been much talk about the GOP tax plan, and what it might mean for homeowners. According to Redfin’s survey, a third of them might just pack up and move. Theft can be a problem during the holiday season, from packages missing off the front porch to burglary of an empty house when homeowners are out of town. Find out what steps you can take to protect yourself.

These real estate trends will be game-changers in 2018

As 2017 winds down, it’s time to take a look at the new year. This article outlines some of the real estate trends we can expect, and some of them may have a tremendous impact on the market.

Full list: America’s most expensive zip codes 2017

From a 9-million-dollar median price in Atherton, California, to 1.2-million dollars in Jamaica, New York—and the 498 spots in between—Forbes has published its annual list of the priciest zip codes in the nation.

Nearly 90,000 homes at risk in fire-torn SoCal

As devastating fires continue to wreak havoc on Southern California lands, more and more homes are at risk. CoreLogic is reporting that as many as 90,000 houses are at risk, with 16 percent of those in extreme danger.

A third of homebuyers will consider moving to another state if SALT deductions are eliminated

In the proposed GOP tax plan, cuts will include mortgage interest as well as state and local tax deductions. These could have severe ramifications for homeowners, particularly those in expensive coastal states—and many might simply leave the state.

Season for thieving: 6 tricks to protect your home during the holidays

If a lot of your shopping will be done online this holiday season or if you’ll be traveling and away from home, you could be putting yourself at risk of theft. Follow these steps to protect your home and the rest of your belongings.

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