tiny home craze

Tiny Home Craze, Marijuana Grow Operations, Condominiums, Comparables, and More

tiny home crazeThis week’s round-up of real estate news includes the latest force in real estate: tiny homes. Find out how developers created a miniature-home hotel in Lyons, Colorado. The legalization of cannabis across the country has raised a new question, that of property values when buildings are located near a grow operation. A real estate appraiser weighs in. In other stories, what buyers should know about condos and what real estate agents should know about comparables. Plus, the creepy things some homeowners found in their new properties.

America’s tiny home craze: Colorado’s Weecasa is a force in real estate’s latest trend

If you are a tiny home enthusiast, you’ll more than likely find what you are looking for in this new development in Lyons, Colorado. On 10 acres of once-flood-ravaged land, a hotel comprising 22 miniature homes has popped up.

When marijuana grow operations are right down the street

As marijuana continues to become legal in more and more states, appraiser Ryan Lundquist weighs in on how the grow operations might influence nearby property values.

What buyers should know before buying a condominium

With trends moving toward buying smaller homes, condos are growing in popularity, even among families with children. Here’s what your clients need to know before making their purchase.

6 things agents should consider when picking comps for their listings

Pulling comparables is an important part of the equation when it comes to pricing homes. Birmingham appraiser Tom Horn offers tips on what real estate agents should consider.

8 things you do not want to find as a homeowner

From the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up file, these homeowners report some weird—some gruesome—discoveries in the properties they purchased, including a mummified body, walls full of snakes, and a secret burial ground.