top zip codes for rental returns

Top Zip Codes for Rental Returns, When a Good Location Is Bad, Builders Warm Up to Smaller Homes, and More

top zip codes for rental returnsGet caught up with all the latest real estate happenings with our weekly wrap-up. Interested in real estate investment and wondering what kind of returns you might get? CNBC has the top zip codes for making the best of your investment. Think it’s always all about location, location, location? It turns out that a location can be too perfect. Are builders finally moving away from building McMansions? Smaller houses are, well, huge. Finish out your week with some tips on honing those negotiation skills.

These are the top ZIP codes for rental returns

Interested in real estate investment? You might want to consider looking at purchasing properties in these hot zip codes.

When location isn’t everything in real estate

It may be a cliché, but there is some truth to the saying about the most important three things in real estate being “location, location, location.” Are there ever situations where a location is so good it’s bad? The answer might surprise you.

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Are builders warming up to smaller homes?

Are McMansions a thing of the past? With the average square feet of homes built in the last 10 years hovering around the 3,000 mark, builders today are finding there is more demand for smaller homes.

Watch a home unfold in 8 minutes

Modular homes have been around for decades, but these new foldable homes are taking prefabs to a whole new level.

Four critical real estate negotiating pressure points

Regardless of how seasoned a real estate veteran you may be, chances are your negotiating skills have some room for improvement. Here are some tips to up your game.