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commercial real estate

Read: Why investors are getting into commercial real estate

As the markets continue to experience spikes in volatility, investors are rethinking their strategies. Some are considering commercial real estate as a stable place to put their investments.

Be on the lookout for the debt versus equity debate when it comes to where to invest and for a list of other key things you need to know, check out this Forbes story.

Watch: 5 tips for studying for your real estate exam

This one comes from our very own team. Especially if you’ve been out of school for a while it may take a bit of extra effort to redeveloped those good study skills. The good news is, we’ve got you covered. Watch this quick video for some tips on how to jump-start your studies.

Listen: How to get into investing to become a real estate leader

The theme of the week seems to be investing. Not sure how to invest in real estate or if you want to even play that game? This is a really in-depth podcast with real estate agent Nick Aalerud who climbed the corporate ladder only to watch an infomercial on real estate investing which lead to a full-blown real estate career.

It’s over an hour long but they’ve broken it down by time codes in the text underneath the video, so you can find which aspect of his story will be most helpful to you and skip right to that.

Follow: The biggest real estate Facebook group there is

If you’re still on Facebook, head over to the Lab Coat Agents page. They regularly host live videos and post helpful tips from agents to agents. The pro tip, however, is to find a link to their closed Facebook group from the page. Inside the group, which is the biggest of its kind for real estate professionals on the internet, you’ll find a lively discussion around almost every topic related to real estate that you can imagine.

Act: It’s a weekend full of holidays

Two major religious events occur this weekend — Easter and Passover. Do you know which of your clients are celebrating? Make sure you send them a text or an email to wish them a happy whatever-you-celebrate — and enjoy some family time for yourself.

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