organic referrals

3 Tips for Scoring Repeat Business Through Organic Referrals

Real estate professionals are finding the highest success with organic referrals and repeat business.

In a world of online marketing and social media, one path some agents are taking to success is the old-fashioned one: organic referrals and repeat business.

That’s what real estate agent Alex Glaser believes in. The 32-year-old Richmond, Virginia agent estimates that between 50 and 60 percent of his business comes from referrals. Even though there are some cold calling scripts that can be powerful tools, organic referrals are a top choice for many agents. 

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“Last year,” said Glaser, “I sold 107 homes.” The amazing service he provides is how he knows he’ll keep getting referrals in the future.

He has been in real estate since he was 24 years old and in that time has developed some guidelines that keep her clients coming back.

Top tips for getting organic referrals

  • Set expectations on how the process will work,” he says. When clients know what lies ahead they feel more at ease with the decisions they have to make.
  • Never, ever lie,” he says. “Not to your clients, not to anybody. Ever.”
  • Put helping your clients above making a commission,” he says. This point is so core to his business that he says there has never even been a situation where he had an internal conflict about what steps to take when it came to selling a property.

He also credits one very practical strategy to his success: stay in constant communication with your clients.

“Send a monthly email newsletter,” says Glaser, “call on their birthdays, their home anniversary, send handwritten cards.”

Glaser also hosts bi-annual client appreciation nights, one in the fall and one in the summer. They’ve included everything from bowling to a brewery happy hour.

“We always change up the restaurant every year,” he said, noting that about 75 clients will attend on average. The key to a great event? “Lots of food and an open bar,” says Glaser. But don’t forget to keep it professional, even in a relaxed setting. 

His winning strategy boils down to one simple truth. “When they feel you care,” says Glaser, “that is when they will love and refer you.”