Agents Divulge Which Aspects of Real Estate They Want To Learn More About

Last month (October), we asked our CE Plus members, “What aspects of the real estate profession/industry do you want to learn more about?” We received a wide variety of responses, including marketing, negotiating and property management. The most popular answer was “commercial real estate.” Keep reading to learn what else made the list.

What aspects of the real estate profession/industry do you want to learn more about?

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Here’s the full list of the different aspects of real estate that our members said they’d like to learn more about:

  • Commercial real estate (5)
  • Negotiating (3)
  • Social media marketing (3)
  • Real estate law (2)
  • Property management (2)
  • People buying multi-units as owner-occupied investments (2)
  • Rental investment management
  • Getting more clients
  • Marketing
  • Listings
  • Pricing strategy
  • Staging
  • Virtual open houses and videos
  • Professional designations
  • How to join organizations
  • Working with veterans
  • Mortgage basics
  • 1031 exchange
  • Legal protections
  • Data security
  • Real estate ethics
  • Adjustments
  • VA and FHA loans
  • Appraisal issues

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Professional development opportunities

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