Announcing the 2020 “Nominate an Awesome Real Estate Mom” Winner

This May we held our annual contest to recognize outstanding moms in real estate. This year’s winner was real estate agent extraordinare Kriss Deas who was nominated by her friend Jessica Brown, a real estate appraiser. We talked to Kriss and Jessica to learn more about their experience working in real estate.

Q: Kriss, why did you get into real estate?

Kriss: I got my real estate license because I’ve always wanted to be able to generate multiple streams of income for my family. I already had a rental property that I was managing and saw helping others buy and sell real estate as a way to generate income and hopefully grow my own portfolio of properties. 

Q: How do you balance being a mom and an agent?

Kriss: I got my license before I had my first child and after I became a mom, I really had to prioritize my time and learn to say no to some things to make time for what I care most about. I try to be fully present when I’m on “mom duty,” but I also think it’s okay for my kids to see how hard I work. My son has been door-knocking with me, to the office to meet clients, and on home showings. He always steals the show and I’m looking forward to being able to employ my children and others in my community one day. 

Q: Do you have any advice for other moms/real estate professionals?

Kriss: If there are moms that are thinking about going into real estate, I would encourage them to take the plunge and do it! Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to earn some extra cash or a full-time working mom looking for a side hustle, real estate can really be fun and well worth it. 

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Q: Jessica, why did you nominate Kriss?

Jessica: Kriss is the most awesome wife, friend, and real estate mom I know. Kriss and I have been friends for over 20 years, yet she is still one of the smartest and most competent people I have ever met. She graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in biomedical engineering, then earned a Masters in Education. Her decision to go into education underscores her core value of helping people. She has been a full-time employee of an education nonprofit for over 8 years. During that time, she supported her family financially while her husband was in graduate school, and birthed two beautiful children. Her husband’s academic pursuits took her to Virginia, Connecticut, and North Carolina; still, she has always found a way to stoke her real estate passions.

Kriss decided to sell real estate part time in 2013. In true Kriss fashion, she was in Connecticut supporting her husband, while he was completing a year-long internship. She did not wait until she was back home in North Carolina, or for any other semblance of comfort. Instead she built a network from nothing, and sold her first two homes within a few months. When they returned to North Carolina, she quickly got licensed and continued her work. At the same time, her interest in personal finance increased as she confronted their shared mountain of student loan debt.

Kriss never ceases to amaze me. Her 4-year-old son and 8-month-old daughter are well-adjusted and bright. Her children were sitting in class with her, as she taught free real estate workshops at the local community center. Her son was present as she taught weekly personal finance and real estate classes at her church. They come along with her to client meetings and house showings. At home, she does all the typical things moms tend to do: cooking, cleaning, laundry, reading books to the kids, and playing games with them. She sets an excellent example for her children, and for me as well.

Even though I live in Maryland, Kriss researched and handpicked my local real estate agent. As a result, my home buying process was seamless. Kriss approaches her family and her business in the same way; with love and the desire to educate and support the people under her care. Kriss is the ultimate rockstar real estate mom, and she does not receive nearly the amount of recognition she deserves.  She exudes the magic of making difficult tasks look easy, partly because she rarely complains. She is usually too busy problem solving for her family and clients. I feel honored to share the story of my wonderful friend with the world. She is an amazing human being and a top-notch real estate mom!