A Look Back At April’s Top Real Estate Content

We know there is a lot of content out there pertaining to real estate, and as a busy real estate professional, you may not have time to sift through it all. That’s why we curate monthly highlights of real estate content so you don’t miss out on the latest news and insights. Check out last month’s star content:

Read: Houseboats are making waves

house boat on dock

As housing prices increase across many parts of the country, many people are looking towards unconventional and cheaper housing solutions—on water. This New York Times article follows a couple in San Francisco who wanted downsize their cost of living while still being close to the city center. Houseboats are becoming a popular alternative to land-based living—and so far, the perks are attractive for those looking to downsize. Living closer to work, being close to nature and the ability to move your house on a whim are just some of the reasons why people make the switch to living on the water.

However, there are downsides to living on a boat. The value of your investment is likely to depreciate as opposed to appreciate, winters can be grisly and “removing waste” can be a hassle. But for those who are sick and tired of the rat race, it may be worth it. Consequently, for real estate professionals looking to specialize, this may be a niche worth researching.

Watch: This real estate video sets the pace for virtual tours

Do you have a home that has been sitting on the market seemingly forever? Or, do you want to take your marketing up a step? Well, this Australian real estate duo may have hit marketing gold with their viral video. This virtual house tour, which could double as a submission tape to So You Think You Can Dance, showcases the beautiful features of the luxury home while keeping the viewer highly entertained from start to finish. While you may not have the budget, or the dance skills, to create a similar marketing video, this out-of-the-box thinking is something to consider for future marketing efforts.

Listen: Passive Real Estate Investing Podcast

For those looking into real estate investing, the Passive Real Estate Investing podcast may be for you. This weekly podcast hosted by Marco Santarelli, president and founder of Norada Real Estate Investments, hosts real estate investing experts and business moguls as well as provides useful tips for current investors or those just starting out.

Interested in learning more about how to invest in real estate? Check out highly-rated Real Estate Investing: Beyond the Basics Course!

Follow: Wall Street Journal Real Estate

Did you know that the WSJ has a section specifically dedicated to real estate? Well, they do and while the actual articles require a paid subscription, their social media accounts are free to follow. With a focus on luxury real estate, WSJ’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages are full of gorgeous photos, news on celebrity listings, and industry trend pieces.

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Act: Study interior design

For real estate professionals who have a passion for interior design, taking an online course can have many advantages. Whether you’re looking to flip houses or stage homes on the market, understanding the basic concepts for interior designs can help you save money while exercising your creative muscles. From the New York School of Interior Design, arguably the Harvard of interior design, to cheaper one-off courses offered by Udemy, online education is a great option for the busy professional.

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