availability of lower-priced homes

Availability of Lower-Priced Homes, Popularity of Modern Homes, Millennials and Homeownership, and More

availability of lower-priced homesStories topping this week’s news round-up include the lack of availability of lower-priced homes across the nation. What does this low inventory mean to Millennials, in particular, and how can they overcome the problem and work their way toward homeownership? Modern home architecture continues to grow in popularity, particularly in some pockets of the country. Find out more about these unique homes. Theft can happen; see what you can do to protect yourself and your home sellers—especially during a showing or open house. There is an increasing demand for homebuying boot camps—and this can be a good thing for both agent and buyer. Happy reading!

Lack of availability of lower-priced homes

The housing squeeze continues its grip on homebuyers as experts announce there are simply no more low-priced homes available to purchase. Experts make their predictions for the future of the U.S. housing market.

How Millennials can overcome hurdles in the way of homeownership

Millennials face a number of obstacles when it comes to taking the plunge into homeownership, not the least of which is a small supply of affordable homes. What can these potential buyers do to snag their American dream?

The rage of modern homes in real estate

Sacramento appraiser Ryan Lundquist gets the low down on modern homes in a conversation with a real estate agent who specializes in them, including what defines a modern home and special considerations when it comes to valuing them.

Open house thefts putting agents on alert

Theft during open houses and home showings is a reality, and several Wisconsin brokerages have issued a warning to their agents to be diligent. This article includes more safety tips that pertain to agents all over the country.

High demand for home buyer boot camps

Looking for a way to educate potential homebuyers—and pick up new clients at the same time? Consider holding a buyer boot camp. These workshops are designed to walk homebuyers—and sellers—through the complicated real estate process, and participants often decide to work with the real estate agent who hosts them.