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Current Trends in the Square Footage of Houses

beautiful large family home

You might not have a lot of time to stay current with real estate news, but don’t worry—we do! Each month we curate the most valuable real estate links so you can stay up-to-date while you grow your real estate career.

Read: This article about changing square footage in American homes

A new article posted to MarketWatch outlines changing square footage in American homes and how that indicates a changing economy. According to the article, the average size of homes have been declining since 2015 but have recently seen a slight rise. This trend is indicative of a strengthening economy, as the average home size cyclically shrinks will the wallets of homebuyers prior-to or during a recession. With interesting insights from Rob Dietz, chief economist for the National Association of Home Builders, this article deconstructs the current trends in the square footage of houses and what that could mean for the economy.

Watch: A first-time flipper as he goes through the process

Youtuber Ricky Gutierrez is known for being a successful day trader in Arizona and makes videos about finance, investment and his daily life in the trading industry. He recently made a video about his experience flipping a house for the first time, in which he takes viewers through the house with a real estate expert to explain the changes being made. If you’re interested in vlog-type videos, this one is an interesting watch as it explains the process through the eyes of a first-time flipper. The video is a little over eight minutes long, but you can skip to Gutierrez summing up what he learned from the process starting at minute 6:40 if you’re short on time.

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Listen: NPR questions the longevity of the latest housing boom

NPR is a great resource for breaking news and yields a lot of information about happenings around the globe. Originally aired on their Morning Edition series Planet Money, this segment titled “Latest Housing Boom Sparks Big Question: When Will It End?” digs into the current housing boom and how long it will last. The segment brings in the educated opinions of the director of economic research at Zillow and a Nobel Prize-winning behavioral economist at Yale to talk navigating a seller’s market, current supply and demand and what we can expect the housing market to do next.

Follow: The Close on Pinterest

Pinterest is often overlooked as a place to get inspiration for professionals, but has a lot of content pertaining to real estate and life as an agent. One great account to follow is The Close, which offers content about marketing and strategy for real estate professionals. Their page has nearly half a million monthly viewers and offers ideas on everything from starting a brokerage to creating clever real estate ads. If you’re seeking a fun and informational way to revamp your business, The Close is a great follow.

Act: School’s out for the summer

It’s getting closer to the summer months and that means school’s out for your clients with children. Remember that many families like to move during the summer, so get ready to capitalize on this seasonal change. Also, consider how you might bring value to parents who are house shopping (or selling) with children in tow. Child-friendly activities and summer resources are always an asset for stressed parents trying to coordinate a big move. In addition to that, consider using social media to become an expert in what’s happening for families this summer in your location. People who aren’t yet your clients could rely on you as a resource and you can start to develop a relationship for when they are ready to make a real estate transaction.

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