Housing Bubble Alarm, Homebuilders Still Thinking Big, Househunting in Late Summer, and More

housing bubble alarmGet caught up with all the latest real estate happenings with our weekly wrap-up. Four of the nation’s largest metro areas are considered overvalued; could this point to a bubble? Tiny houses are all the rage these days, but builders have been slow to keep up with the latest trend. If you think the homebuying season should wane as the days get shorter, think again: Late summer is a great time for house hunting. Find out what’s really behind homebuying for Millennials. Finish out the week some self-improvement with a list of communication skills that can help you to be your best self.

Four major U.S. cities ring housing bubble alarm

The housing market in four of the nation’s largest cities is considered overvalued, according to a recent study by CoreLogic, a leading provider of consumer, financial and property information, analytics and services to business and government. Is a bubble on the horizon for Denver, Houston, Miami and the Washington, D.C., metro areas?

Tiny might be trendy, but homebuilders have been thinking big—until now

Smaller homes are making a comeback as Millennials and Boomers search for lower maintenance, lower cost homes. Builders have been a bit slow to keep up with the trends, however, and there are still plenty of McMansions available. What does this mean for future home prices?

5 reasons to start house hunting in late summer

Are your buyers ready to give up their house hunting as summer winds down? This article gives reasons why this is a good time of year to find that perfect home.

It’s a dog’s life for Millennials: what’s really driving their desire to buy a house

As more and more Millennials dip their toes into the hot housing market, it turns out their driving force has more to do with canine companions than grabbing their slice of the American dream.

Communication skills start here: discover our top 100 business communication tools

Being a good communicator is an essential part of the real estate business. This article outlines the top 100 skills you should have.


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