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Is Your Home’s Curb Appeal Turning Buyers Away?

The first thing anyone involved in the home selling process should think about is the curb appeal of a property. It’s what catches someone’s eye and invites them to tour the house, so it can make or break how long a home is on the market. Read on to learn about the importance of curb appeal in selling a house.

1. Landscaping Makes the First Impression

First impressions matter in all aspects of life, especially when you’re selling property. The outside of a home is what people first see, whether they’re browsing through listings online or driving through the neighborhood. Landscaping is an easy way to improve how a home looks without requiring expensive remodeling.

A $1 million house might be architecturally beautiful and include modern home features, but an unkempt yard could still ruin its chances on the market. People are less inclined to tour a home buried in overgrown trees, bushes, and debris. A few hours spent mowing the lawn, edging, and ripping out weeds could make a significant difference in how many potential buyers contact the owners.

2. Driveways Tell a Story

The driveway is the first part of a home people interact with. It speaks volumes about how the owners care for their home and if it’s a high-maintenance property. A raked gravel driveway is more appealing than a concrete driveway lined with weeds. Clear out your driveway and powerwash it if necessary to give it new life and show how it will hold up over a lifetime of memories.

3. Front Doors Welcome Guests

Even if guests enter your home through your garage or a side door, the front door is symbolic of people welcoming their guests. It also works as the focal point of the house, even if you have expansive windows or a grand staircase. Make your front door more welcoming for guests when you paint it a fresh color and make it the eye-catching feature of your home. Choose a color that isn’t similar to the houses around you and complements your home’s siding.

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4. Roofs Represent Longevity

Homeowners typically don’t need to replace their roof more than once every 20 to 30 years, so they represent longevity and security in the purchase of a home. If you haven’t called a professional to look at your roof recently, it’s time to schedule an appraisal. They’ll tell you the status of your roof and recommend easy maintenance tips so you can keep your roof intact for decades to come. Sellers often get bonus points with potential buyers if they mention a recent roof inspection since it helps buyers trust they’re investing in the right home.

5. Porches Inspire Stories

Porches are a popular home addition because they inspire people to dream about what the future holds. They may picture grandkids reading on a porch swing or quiet mornings with a hot cup of coffee. Help inspire these stories in someone’s first impression when you decorate your front porch with friendly, welcoming decor. Pastel planters or bright porch chair pillows might be all your porch is missing to appeal to more buyers.

6. Beauty Beats Location

Sometimes a home needs to sell in a location that’s not super attractive. It may be directly on a busy road or a neighborhood that’s far from the nearest city, but you can almost always beat an undesirable location by improving the beauty of your home. Powerwash your home’s siding, freshen your landscaping with new plants or add tasteful yard decor to create a happy home no matter where you live.

Ask for Help

As potential buyers leave your home on open house afternoons, you’re not likely to get feedback about what they liked or didn’t like. Ask your friends for help to get a different perspective on what works or doesn’t for your home’s curb appeal. Making little changes like landscaping differently or getting your roof inspected could be all you need to sign your house over to its new owner.

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