5 Reasons Agents Feel Real Estate’s One of the Best Careers

Real estate is one of the best careers for overall happiness, according to a recent survey of workers across the country. As a group, real estate agents are optimistic about their careers and the future of the industry.

best careers for satisfaction

You might be thinking — “how can that be true when housing markets are often uncertain, artificial intelligence is taking over and people are buying homes through social media?”

Well, we surveyed real estate agents throughout America to find out why they’re so optimistic. Here’s what we learned from them.

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1. Real estate’s one of the best careers to be your own boss

Many real estate agents get into the job because with real estate you can manage your own career. There are no rules about the hours you have to keep or and there’s no manager to direct your career path. Real estate agents tend to be drawn toward the individuality that the business allows.

2. Real estate has a smaller gender pay gap

Real estate’s gender pay gap is smaller than the national average. While differences in pay do exist, there are many powerful female real estate brokers and agents who are raising the bar across the country. Because of this, real estate could be one of the best careers for entrepreneurial-minded women.

best careers for gender pay gap

3. Earnings are increasing

Agents we surveyed reported a rise in income from 2016 to 2017. While those unfamiliar with the industry might be worried about digital resources competing with real estate agents, our figures show that working real estate agents are figuring out how to earn more.

4. Income rises with experience

Real estate’s one of the best careers for those with a long-term outlook because research shows the more experience you develop in real estate the more likely it is that you will begin to earn more. Some careers have a ceiling after which more experience is less likely to pay off, but not real estate.

5. Real estate professionals are more satisfied

Research suggests that real estate professionals have higher career satisfaction than the national average across the United States. Feeling great about going to work daily is part of why real estate agents feel optimistic about their careers. It’s hard to feel negative about the future of your industry when you love what you do.

real estate job satisfaction national average

Whether you’re looking to get into real estate for the first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, know that real estate agents across the country feel that this industry has great potential.

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