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Holiday Gadgets and Gifts for Real Estate Professionals


Still wondering what to put on your holiday wish list? Don’t fret. We have scoured high and low to find the best gadgets and gifts for real estate agents.



This small charger has a fold-out USB arm that can be plugged into your smartphone so you can charge your battery in a pinch. This charger is so thin that you can store it in your wallet next to your credit cards, tuck it in your pocket, or even slip it inside your phone case. The NomadKey is currently available for the iPhone, however, a micro USB version is soon to be released. This update will make this gadget compatible with other smartphones, such as Blackberry and Android.

Price: Between $20 – $30


Duracell Powermat

This Duracell product relies on technology called inductive charging, which uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. In other words, this gadget creates short-range wireless electricity. This cordless system allows you to charge your battery by laying your phone down on the Duracell charging surface, which makes it perfect for real estate professionals on the go. You can also tap into the network of Powermat stations at venues such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Price: $80


Canon Powershot S95

The Canon Powershot S95 is a compact camera that shoots both 10-megapixel photos and 720p (high-definition) video. It has a wide-angle lens which will allow you to capture large rooms and lots, an optical image-stabilizer for clear, blur-free shots, special circuitry for indoor, low-light environments, and a 3-inch LCD screen for reviewing your photos. This camera also allows the photographer to adjust white balance, exposure, and other manual controls.

Price: $399.99


Xerox Mobile Scanner

The Xerox Mobile Scanner is the perfect gadget for real estate professionals on the go. This portable scanner allows you to scan and send documents from virtually anywhere. Insert your desired document into the lightweight scanner and it will turn multi-page paper documents and images into PDF’s or JPG files that you can send wirelessly to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. As an added bonus, this scanner is also the first battery-powered Wi-Fi scanner that does not require a USB port or computer in order to function.

Price: $249.99


Western Digital My Book World Addition

The Western Digital My Book World Edition is an external drive that plugs directly into your network router, which means it is a lot more versatile than a drive than can only be plugged into your PC. My Book is best suited for the home and small offices, and can perform back-up chores for any of the computers on your network. These back-ups occur automatically: every time you save something on your computer it is instantly backed up to the drive. In addition, you can access the drive remotely from your computer, smartphone, or tablet without needing special software.

Price: $199.99-259.99


DJI Phantom Drone

While your fellow agents will be doing slideshow virtual tours, the DJI Phantom Drone will allow you to give your clients quality aerial tours of homes and neighborhoods. The Phantom is a unique little camera that can fly at a maximum vertical speed of 20 feet a second, at a maximum horizontal speed of 33 feet per second, and can be sent more than a thousand feet into the air, which allows users to knock out professional-quality aerial photography in a matter of minutes. In addition, the Phantom includes wifi and a mobile app so that you can use your smartphone or tablet to operate the device.

Price: $500 – $1000


GoPano Micro

GoPano is an attachable lens for the iPhone that allows you to create 360° panoramic videos. All you need to do is snap the lens to your iPhone and tap the record button in order to create 360° panoramic videos instantly. After you record the video you can play it back and look in any direction you wish. In addition, your video may be uploaded to the GoPano website where you can edit it. Whoever accesses the video can turn the shot around to the camera in order to have a unique GOPano experience of the video.

Price: $60