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Real Estate’s Most Haunted Homes on the Market

For years, films have depicted horrifying stories of supposedly real hauntings that took place in the homes of ordinary people. Normally, the occupants are unaware that their new home has a ghostly tenant. However, there are some buyers who will still purchase a home regardless of its haunted history. This begs the question: Are you brave enough to live in a haunted home?

If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. According to Realtor.com’s 2013 “Haunted Housing Report,” 26% of respondents indicated that they would consider purchasing a haunted house for sale, while 36% said that they might consider a haunted home purchase. If a paranormal presence is what you seek, here are five listings that may catch your eye.


The Amityville Horror House 

The infamous Amityville Horror House whose hauntings have inspired over 10 films is currently on the market. The home was first sold to the Lutz family for $55,000 shortly after the DeFeo murders. However the Lutz family left the home after 28 days, claiming that they had been terrorized by spirits and a number of other terrifying events, such as doors and windows slamming by themselves, strange odors and voices. It was originally listed at $1.45 million, but is now going for $955,000. Supposedly, the drop in asking price has nothing to do with the presence of demons.


The Sowden House

The John Sowden House, also known as the “Jaws House” because of the structure’s striking resemblance to the mouth of a great white shark, is currently on the market. The residence was once the home of George Hill Hodel, a prime suspect in the famous Black Dahlia murder case which has been the inspiration for several books and films. To this day, the case remains unsolved, though within the last year a cadaver dog has identified the scent of possible body decomposition in the home. The current asking price is $4,888,000.


It's said that the spirits of Lizzie’s mother and father still haunt the home to this day.
It’s said that the spirits of Lizzie’s mother and father still haunt the home to this day.

The Lizzie Borden House

The house where notorious murder suspect Lizzie Borden spent her life has recently gone on the market. Miss Lizzie Borden was accused and eventually acquitted of murdering both her father and stepmother with an axe in 1892. It’s said that the spirits of Lizzie’s mother and father still haunt the home to this day. In fact, photos of misty human forms have been taken in the living room, where Andrew Borden was hacked to death. The current asking price for the Lizzie Borden House is $650,000.


The Kreishcher Mansion

The landmarked Kreishcher Mansion, located on Staten Island, is said to be haunted and has been sitting on the market since spring 2012. This is perhaps because of the home’s gruesome history. Balthasar Kreischer, the German brickmaker who built the house, died a year after he finished the job, and his son Edward shot himself in the house in 1895. It is said that the home is now haunted by Edward and Balthasar’s mourning wife, with apparitions appearing, banging noises and doors slamming on their own. The home is now listed for $2,499,000.


The Schweppe Mansion

The Schweppe Mansion, a wedding gift from John G. Shedd and his wife to their daughter Laura Shedd, is currently up for sale. The Schweppe Mansion was a pleasant home for Laura, her husband Charles and their children until tragedy struck. In 1937, Laura lost her life due to a heart attack, while in 1941 her husband Charles committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. It has been reported that their ghosts still haunt the bedrooms. In addition, a single window, the “ghost window,” in the master bedroom reportedly remains free of debris and dust. The house is priced at $12,000,000.