The Most Underrated Social Media Platforms for Real Estate

Using social media is one of the best ways to connect with existing and potential clients. However, real estate professionals often use the

same three social media platforms for their business—LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. While these sites are undeniably useful marketing tools, taking the ‘road less travelled’ when using social media is perhaps one of the best ways to extend the reach of your business and capture the attention of new clients.

Read on for a list of the most effective social media platforms that have fallen by the wayside of real estate marketing.


YouTube is perhaps one of the most popular, versatile social media sites. YouTube allows users to create their own channels and share videos for both fun and business purposes.  For real estate professionals, YouTube can be a great marketing tool. Not only can you upload advertisements, you can also create informational videos about the home-buying process, short commercials, or tours of your listings. By allowing you free reign creatively, this social media platform allows you to showcase your uniqueness and emphasize the qualities that set you apart from all other agents in your area.



One of the most popular social media platforms is Pinterest, a site which allows users to create virtual pinboards where you can save interesting things you find online. Alexandra Bohigian, from Today’s Business, a digital advertising and social media optimization company, says, “[It] is highly visual, therefore agents can create ‘boards’ for each listing with pictures of each room. Women scour Pinterest for homes, so tapping into this market is a great way to increase your personal brand and gain the interest of potential buyers.” Learn more about how to use Pinterest in real estate here.



Instagram is a photo-sharing platform which is generally geared more towards mobile devices, however, that does not make it any less effective as a real estate marketing tool. Once you have downloaded the application, the photos you choose to share will automatically be posted to your Instagram account. Your Instagram photo gallery is an effective way to publicize the personal side of your real estate business and helps to make you more relatable as a real estate professional. You can also add hashtags and share your posts with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which makes Instagram one of the most far-reaching applications for real estate marketing.



Flickr is also photo-sharing and hosting service, however, it  differs from Instagram in that the photos are generally less personal and more professional. Also unlike Instagram, you can’t upload photos of inspirational quotes or celebrities you like—the material has to be original. Flickr also provides users with a number of tools, including an online photo editor and slideshow generator. It is an effective platform to upload photos of your listings or the features of your business that make you unique as a real estate professional. In addition, high quality photos and easy navigation are great ways to impress your existing and potential clients.



Tumblr is a very unique blogging site in that it uses a variety of media, including text, photo, and video. It is an effective platform to showcase your talents and interests as a real estate professional. Similar to social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram, Tumblr encourages you to use hashtags. This way, Tumblr allows you and other users to refine how you share and locate specific information. For real estate professionals, this is a great way to promote your listings and other features of your business.


Are there other social media platforms you’re using to grow your real estate business or retain clients? Share what you’re using and how in the comments below.