moms in real estate

Top Moms in Real Estate

Everyone knows that moms are rockstars. But it takes an extra special mom to rock it at home and in real estate. This month we’re looking for nominations for top moms in real estate. Check out some of our rockstar mom submissions below and then take a few minutes to recognize a real estate mom in your life (and you will both be entered to win $250).

moms in real estate

Katie Gray: Superstar real estate director of sales and mom

Director of Sales, Nashville, Tennessee | Black Lion Realty | Facebook

Katie is our superstar! Last year she has reached her big goal: the biggest to date of over $10,000,000 in sales.

Katie is a wonderful wife and mother of a precious 3-year-old boy and a 4-month old baby. What makes her rock star worthy is that Katie was pregnant with her second child last year and delivered her new baby boy in December. She was able to maintain her family, be pregnant throughout almost an entire year and still exceed her all-time highest sales goal!

She has been selling real estate for four years and I am so inspired by her success! I am also pregnant right now with my second daughter with a due date of June 28th and have been rocking and rolling. Katie inspired me to get up and do it even when I can theoretically excuse myself from any troubles. She motivated me and showed me that even with a full house and a belly full of baby, nothing is impossible and the highest goals can be achieved! She is my role model and my mentor! I hope you consider her for the Awesome Real Estate Mom award. She definitely deserves it!

Nominated by: Ellie Vullion, REALTOR, Black Lion Realty

real estate agent mom Theresa Nuon

Theresa Nuon: Sales agent and mom and wife of the millennium

Sales Agent, Clearwater, Florida | Charles Rutenberg| Facebook

My wife, Theresa, is more than a Rockstar Realtor! She is a mother of for who is growing, needy, dramatic, and energetic boys (present company included!). She picks up groceries after 6-10 showings. She heads off to closings after pump class at the Y. She scours the MLS for potential clients after making breakfast and drops off our youngest at a school that’s 45 minutes away (with traffic). She comforts disappointed clients after losing a home due to multiple offers! She scrubs the shower and does 2-3 loads of laundry while solving finance problems with lenders in the phone.  She helps our oldest son fix his car, from electrical to fuel pump issues… if she can’t, she’s on the phone with her dad who is a mechanical genius!

After open house, she drops off the 16-year-old at the movies with his girlfriend. She makes sure all of our needs are met every single day since the first day I married her, almost 24 years ago. She knows every girlfriend and heartache of our four boys throughout the years… she is our Dr. Phil.

She attends almost every soccer game and tirelessly chauffeurs the kids all over the place.

She makes time to see her mom in Macon, GA almost every month. Her mom has ALS (progressive type) and the doctors give her 4-6 months.

My wife is one of a kind. She goes non-stop from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm (sometimes past midnight when the high demands of real estate calls). There is no Friday for her. Every day is like a Monday. The kids have endless needs. The clients want to look at homes on weekends.

I have never met anyone in my 47 years of walking this earth, who is as strong, resilient, courageous, kind, selfless, and loving as my wife and mother of our four beautiful boys! No gift in the world can compare to the gift of her being in our lives (especially mine). To me, she is mom and wife of the millennium!

Nominated by: Kam, Theresa’s husband

real estate mom Jessica belanger

Jessica Belanger: Real estate sales associate and outstanding mom of two

Real Estate Sales Associate, Sterling Heights, Michigan | Re/Max Suburban| Facebook 

Jessica is not only one of our four top real estate agents in our office, but she also brought something a little extra special to our office: She made our office a Miracle office. Through her hard work and bringing awareness, last year $20,000 was raised for Children’s Miracle Network. (That was just our office of about 50 agents and really big-hearted people). I have to say that is impressive for a mom who has children of her own and can carry a whole lot of pending sales at any given time.

I think it is great that she does this not just because she is a mom, but caring for other mothers to give their children better opportunities and growth because of this. This alone in my book makes her outstanding. A lot of times what is missing in our society are mothers who help fix each other’s crowns and silently raise each other up. Jessica role models this. What a gift she has given to families just by simply using her powerful voice and time.

Nominated by: Vera Gonzalez

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