How to Get Your Posts Seen on Instagram (Really), Plus Weekend Links

Read: Ever thought of generating leads from Quora?

Apparently, this often-overlooked platform can actually be a goldmine for real estate leads. Bet you never thought of that one! According to this Follow Up Boss story, Quora’s great for these reasons:

  • Leads are pre-qualified. (People searching for answers on Quora are already thinking about buying or selling).
  • You become an expert in your field by building authority as you answer questions.
  • Your answers remain on the site so future leads can find you.
  • As you gain followers, your traffic compounds.

That’s why you should use Quora, according to the story. Check out the full article here.

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Listen: How to get your posts seen on Instagram (really)

You can’t listen to every podcast, but if you’re just going to listen to one this week, make it this helpful guide to understanding the Instagram algorithm. Don’t you hate posting only to realize just a small handful of people have seen what you’ve put out there? Us, too. This podcast should help.

Here are three quick takeaways:

  • Everyone’s feed is unique because Instagram shows you posts based on how you interact within the platform, not based on who you follow. (2:50)
  • Three main factors determine what will pop up in your feed: recency, interest and relationships. (3:33)
  • Focus on quality to avoid getting lost in the shuffle as more and more brands join Instagram. (8:50)

Watch: Tips and advice for every new real estate agent out there

This is a 25-minute video loaded with tips for agents who have been working for less than five years. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m an old pro, I don’t need this stuff,” that could be true — but does someone you know need to watch this? Mentorship opportunity! Forward this along and you’ve helped out a young agent with just the touch of a button.

A couple of key points we noticed:

  • Stay consistent. Tom Ferry says you have to try something 60 or 80 times before you have enough data to say whether it’s a failure or not. That’s about two months of knocking on doors every day if you’re doing the math. (2:21)
  • Know your daily number. How many conversations do you have to have before you get a contract? What kind of contract leads to a successful closing? The business is math. (11:51)

Follow: Speaking of Instagram…

Keeping with our Instagram theme this week, check out The Real Houses of IG. It’s an Instagram account by Kate Rumson, who does interior design, real estate investment, development — all that stuff. These inspiring, gorgeous photos will make you feel good about homes and be that little boost in your feed when you need a pick-me-up.

Act: Now’s the time to start planning for July 4th

July 4th isn’t that far away and if you’re going to do something fun for your clients or community, now’s the time to get ready for it. Will you participate in any community BBQs? Offer a special service or discount? Plan a July 4th themed email blast? Your choice, but whatever it is, start brainstorming now so you can execute with excellence.