The Most Practical Real Estate Podcast (Plus More Weekend Links)

Twice a month we gather the best real estate links across the internet and bring them to you, so you don’t have to wade through them yourself. Here’s what you should be paying attention to this week. 

Read: 4 Crucial ways real estate agents earn more

Not that we’re tooting our own horn or anything, but this story that appeared on our blog earlier in August has been really helpful and informative for agents trying to boost their earnings. It’s based on a recent study we did that dives into the income and earning habits of real estate agents across the country.

From that study, we narrowed down what the top earners have in common and came up with four strategies. You can find them on our website.

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Watch: Learn how to win a listing without a fancy package

This 1 hour and 20-minute live training from Zero to Diamond (which, yes, is long) is available for replay on YouTube. If you want to supercharge your listing skills it actually has a lot of information for you to dig into that could be helpful.

Here are three highlights (because it’s really long and you definitely don’t need to watch all of it):

  • 27:04 Get into the mindset of thinking, “how can I help this person?”
  • 34:27 How to create a folder to leave behind with potential clients. What to put in a folder and how to connect with them the first time you meet.
  • 48:55 How should you dress when meeting with clients?

Listen: The Power of Real Estate

Have you been looking for your next real estate podcast? We’ve found it. Michelle Moore, who has made a name for herself by hosting a real estate radio broadcast, has turned her broadcast into a podcast. Each 8 to 12-minute episode answers practical real estate questions, and there are currently already 68 episodes so you won’t run out of material for a while.

You can download the podcast on iTunes or Google Play.

Follow: Frank Warburg of Warburg Realty

Our recent contributor, Frank Warburg, wrote an insightful article on how to rise above the median income in real estate. His writing is always thoughtful and helpful, and with his success in luxury New York City real estate, he has a unique perspective to bring to the table. Follow his blog to read previous articles he’s written because there are some good takeaways in there.

Act: Are you ready for the fourth quarter?

Do you approach your real estate business with respect to the fiscal year? It’s a helpful way to plan your goals and finances. As Q3 wraps up, what do you need to accomplish to hit your targets? Create a race plan for the end of the third quarter and start focusing on where you’ll go in the fourth quarter.

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