RISMedia’s June Digital Magazine

At McKissock Learning, we want our customers to have all the resources they need to be successful in real estate. That’s why we’ve teamed up with RISMedia, the leading provider of the most relevant and up-to-date information related to the residential real estate market.

As their Strategic Education Partner, we are able to give our customers free access to the digital edition of the RISMedia monthly magazine.

This real estate magazine is full of thought-provoking and valuable content that prospective and licensed agents of all years of experience can apply to their careers. Here’s a brief overview of what you will find in this month’s edition.

Cover Story

When Did Real Estate Stop Being About People?

“Relationships. Loyalty. Taking care of one another. Collaborating to solve problems. These concepts are not fodder for provocative headlines…. But they are the foundation of our industry, and forever will be.”

ERA Real Estate has built its global network on the foundational fact that “at its core, real estate is a human business.” This month’s cover article features stories, reflections, and advice from a variety of real estate professionals who make up the ERA network.

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Industry News

Latino Homeownership Grows Despite Pandemic

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) “recently released its 2020 State of Hispanic Homeownership Report, which found that the homeownership rate among Latinos increased to roughly 49% in 2020, up from 47.5% the year prior.”

This piece shares some key details and insights from the NAHREP report, including how Latino homeownership has been affected by the pandemic and how it’s expected to grow in the coming years.

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Policy News

Why Is Inventory So Low?

“A study by the Rosen Consulting Group, commissioned by the National Association of REALTORS, concludes that today’s shortage is a result of decades of underbuilding in the nation’s housing stock, creating an enormous demand-supply gap.”

This story reveals some of the findings from the study. It analyzes the ripple effects of underbuilding in the U.S.—including the economic impact, low housing inventory, and historically high home prices—and emphasizes the importance of closing the housing gap.

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Real Estate Tips

Know Your Agents’ Numbers

“Every agent is different, and they all have their own nuanced ways of attracting and servicing their clients,” says national real estate coach Sherri Johnson. “From the perspective of agent management, however, the success of each individual agent’s business can still be measured and influenced by a few universal metrics.”

In this article, Johnson lays out five metrics you can use to gauge an agent’s performance and guide them toward increased success.

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5 Tip For Checking In On Your 2021 Goals

“As we reach the mid-year point of 2021, now is a good time to look back at your goals for this year and find out how you’re doing so that you can plan ahead for the next six months.”

This piece, written by yours truly, outlines a five-step process that you can use to organize your own mid-year review. It breaks down how to revisit your New Year’s goals, analyze your progress so far, and adjust your priorities as needed ensure you stay on target to achieve your goals.

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