What Kenny Chesney’s Country Estate Says About Today’s Buyers

When Kenny Chesney’s 56-acre country hilltop estate goes up for sale, people take notice. In fact, so many people took notice when Chesney’s Nashville, TN property hit the market that it quickly became one of Realtor.com’s most popular listings in August.

But is the fascination with Chesney’s property just a case of starstruck onlookers, or can this sprawling country estate teach us something about what today’s buyers are really looking for?

Before the pandemic, cities were the place to call home. People sought out attached homes with public communal spaces, desired close proximity to nightlife, and happily traded in their large family homes for easy-to-maintain condos and bungalows.

Now, privacy, space, and Mother Nature herself are the market’s “hot commodities” — and Chesney’s 56-acre country hilltop estate (also known as “Bella Luce”) is a living, breathing caricature of what today’s buyers want.

Here are some ways to cater to today’s more discerning buyers as you show and market your next listings.

Play Up Flexible Space

Even if you don’t have the biggest listings to show potential buyers, you can still make the most of the space available. For instance, you might stage a hybrid room that serves as both a work-from-home station and a guest bedroom, or a workout room that also serves as a meditation space.

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The reality is that people are getting creative with how they use their space now that pandemic precautions continue to oscillate, so you may want to consider getting a little more creative with staging to show off just how much use a potential buyer can squeeze out of an otherwise average-sized home.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

It would be great if everyone had access to 56 beautiful acres of land like we see at Chesney’s Bella Luce, but many of today’s buyers are happy just to know there’s a park, nature trail, or beach nearby — especially if backyard space is limited. 

Instead of simply mentioning a nearby nature spot in your listing, try to provide some detail. Is the spot fairly big and spread out so it’s easy to keep social distance? Are dogs allowed? What do people like to do at that spot? Since this may be a significant deciding factor for a buyer these days, be sure to elaborate on what they can get out of the experience.