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What is the difference between live proctored (paper) exams and E-proctored exams?

To obtain an Appraisal license or upgrade to a higher license level you are required to take and pass a proctored final examination. A proctor is an approved person that administers an exam and upholds the integrity the exam-taking process.  Students must take their proctored course final exam within 3 months (90 days) of completing their course chapters.

Since you are taking an online class – your exam is taken online using a proctor.  Exceptions are AR, GA, IL,  & NY only.  Before you may access your online exam you will need to do the following:

  1. Find a qualified proctor who will be available to proctor your exam in person on a computer, and monitor you during the entire examination
  2. Have the proctor register to proctor exams with McKissock – click HERE.
  3. Schedule a time with your proctor to take your online exam. You will need access to a computer with internet as you will need to login to your McKissock course online to access the proctored final exam.

Once your proctor has been chosen, is registered with McKissock, and an exam date is scheduled, you will proceed to your student dashboard to take your proctored final exam.

Finding a qualified proctor

A proctor is an approved person that administers an exam and upholds the integrity the exam-taking process. It is the student’s responsibility to find their own proctor. Short of providing suggestions of types of people who could be asked, McKissock cannot provide any further assistance in finding a proctor.

  • Examples of people who could serve as a proctor would be librarians, teachers, police officers, community volunteers, religious leaders, or someone who works in the public service industry.  McKissock would prefer that you take your proctored exam at an educational facility – like a public library, community college, university or other place where education occurs – although it is not required.  These facilities have computer banks, seasoned educators who are familiar with exam taking and provide a quiet atmosphere that is more conducive to exam taking.  Other examples would be post office, attorney’s office, police station, notary’s office, or other suitable location, by a proctor who represents the public interest in this transaction.
  • Ineligible proctors would be family, your supervisor, a co-worker, or someone with whom you intend to be employed.  Anyone who holds an appraisal license would also be ineligible to proctor exams.
  • It is the obligation of the student to arrange for the test with a suitable proctor.   Choose someone who does not have a vested interest in whether you pass the exam.  If audited, you would not want your proctor choice to stand between you and your career.  It is generally not appropriate or advised to take the exam at a private residence.  Your proctor must be present and able to view you and your screen for the duration of the exam.

Online E-proctored exam

Mckissock E-proctored exams are taken online and accessed from the student online account. Proctors must register prior to administering the exam.  Click HERE for the proctor registration form.

  • You may NOT enter the exam for any reason until in the presence of your proctor after your proctor has registered to proctor with McKissock.  Students who enter and leave the exam without a proctor will receive a 0% on the exam and will fail that exam.
  • You may not bring any outside materials except a simple calculator and a pen or pencil.  You may ask the proctor for blank scratch paper.
  • All electronic devices must be turned off and may not be accessed during the exam.
  • The only WEB browser allowed during the exam is the McKissock site – tabbed browsing to other sites or the course are strictly prohibitied.
  • Test results: Are given immediately upon completion of the test.
  • Proctor: You will sign into your McKissock account and click on E-Proctor. The proctor will then create a username and password to sign in. Click HERE to access the Proctor Registration form.
  • Timer: The electronic platform will keep time for you.
  • Record keeping: Test results are automatically recorded, and you will be able to print out your certificate if you pass.

Setting up your online proctored exam

The course must have a completion status before taking a proctored exam.

An E-proctored exam is a proctored exam you take on-line. It is easily and readily available to you in your online account upon course completion, and results are available immediately.

To access your E-proctored exam, you will log in to your account as if you were preparing to take a course.

You will find your completed courses under the “My Courses” tab. The Open Course button is now “Proctored Exam”. Upon clicking that box, it will prompt for a proctor username and password.

Your Proctor will need to be present to enter their username and password, or, if this is their first time proctoring an exam, he or she can click the link under the sign-in boxes and register to be your Proctor (E-Proctor online registration form).

It is the responsibility of the proctor to ensure the integrity of the exam by attesting to each of the following statements:

  • The identity of the student was verified using phone identification to ensure that only the registered individual completes the exam.
  • The exam was completed by the registered student without use of any unauthorized materials. No outside materials are permitted. The student may bring a calculator and a pen or pencil. All electronic devices should be turned off.
  • The only web browser open during the exam was exclusively pointed at McKissock Exam Engine. Tabbed browsing, Internet searches, blogs, instant messaging, etc. are prohibited.
  • The proctor personally observed the student throughout the duration of the exam without providing assistance in interpreting or completing the exam.
  • The proctor will verify that only the allotted amount of time is spent completing the exam. The specific time limit for exams varies per course and will be shown to the Proctor at the top of each exam.
  • The proctored location provided an environment conducive to test-taking and remained free of disruptions. The proctor maintained the security of the exam log-in and password.

Live proctored PAPER EXAMS (Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, & New York ONLY)

Requests for paper exams for Arkansas, Georgia and Illinois can be sent via chat, email using the email form on the “Contact Us” page or by phone.  You will need to provide the following information:

  • Student name (full name they are registered as)
  • Course name
  • Proctor name
  • Proctor email address
  • Date and time of scheduled exam

(New York ONLY)

Exam requests for paper exams for New York – fill out the form in the online New York Proctor Policy document.  You may access that form HERE.

Requests need to be made at least 2-3 working days in advance of the scheduled exam date.

All McKissock paper proctored exams are emailed to the proctor approximately 24 hours prior to the proctor appointment and must be mailed back to McKissock in their entirety (including the proctor sign-off sheet and any scratch papers used during the exam). Students may not access the exam until the scheduled exam time or have the exam in their possession for any reason.

Students are not permitted access to paper exams without a proctor present and may not, for ANY reason, make copies of the exam or take the exam from the proctor environment.  The exam must be collected by the proctor and immediately mailed back to McKissock upon completion of the exam.

You may not bring any outside materials except a simple calculator and a pen or pencil.  You may ask the proctor for blank scratch paper.

All electronic devices must be turned off and may not be accessed during the exam.

  • Test results: The entire exam must be mailed via postal mail within 24 hours of completion and will be graded upon receipt. This process could take up to 10 days.
  • Proctor: The proctor will need to fill out and sign the proctor sheet included with the test to verify their presence.
  • Timer: The proctor is responsible for keeping time.
  • Record keeping: Results are entered into the system once the test is received and corrected. Students will be notified of a passing grade and will be emailed their completion certificate. Student will receive a phone call for failing grade.

Other information:

  • Paper exams are only available to students taking qualifying education for Arkasas, Georgia, Illinois, or New York.
  • The paper exam must not be out of the possession of the proctor at any time for any reason.
  • Your proctor must be present and able to view you and your screen for the duration of the exam.

You can view the full proctor policy HERE.

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