Eclectic living room interior with comfortable velvet corner sofa with pillows

2022 Home Design Trends to Keep an Eye On

Eclectic living room interior with comfortable velvet corner sofa with pillows

It seems like it was just yesterday when people were downsizing their homes, gravitating towards properties with public communal spaces, and fawning over open floor plans.

But today? The pandemic has changed all of that.

Not only are more people relocating to larger, more remote homes outside of big cities, they’re also redesigning the inside of those homes to better align with their not-quite-lockdown, not-quite-post-pandemic lifestyle.

In a recent article from, Houzz‘s 2021 Emerging Home Design Trends Report highlighted six trends that are taking this new world of real estate by storm, including:

  1. Separate rooms for different activities
  2. Green accents (both plants and paint)
  3. Living room makeovers
  4. Flex spaces
  5. Pool upgrades
  6. Higher-quality materials and details

The bottom line: people are turning their homes into their own personal sanctuaries as the pandemic numbers rise again.

Here’s how real estate agents can use these trends to their advantage in the field.

Showcase Comfort and Versatility at Your Next Open House

Typically, open house staging implies stark, neutral furnishings and decor that are often moved from one open house to the next.

Instead, take a cue from Houzz’s emerging trends and reflect the comfort and versatility today’s buyers are looking for with a more “styled” approach. This can mean styling the living room area with a cozy reading nook, or even creating a workout room or meditation space out of a spare bedroom or basement.

While you may still want to stay away from bold statement pieces or themes, you can still use higher-quality decor in more creative ways to play up the space’s possibilities.

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Don’t Forget the Outside

These days, people want to know they don’t need to travel far from home (or at all) to enjoy their favorite activities. If your listing has a yard, go the extra mile to highlight interesting outdoor spaces, too.

For instance, set up big, lush lounge chairs near the pool if your listing has one. Or, if your listing is the perfect family home with a big sprawling lawn or yard, consider setting up a tennis net, a basketball hoop, or even a croquet course to demonstrate their options — you can even leave it behind for the new owners to sweeten the deal.

Freshen Up Paint With Shades of Green

As always, simply adding a fresh coat of paint to your listing can give it new life. 

Even better? If you can add a few green accents, you may have a better chance of appealing to today’s buyer who’s looking for a calmer, more earthy feel at home.

According to the Houzz report, searches for “green cabinets” increased by 829% over the past year, followed closely by “green tile bathroom” (up 771%) and “green accent chair” (up 754%).

Keep these green pieces in mind when you’re discussing upgrades with your seller, and don’t be afraid to keep it simple by choosing just one to create a great anchor piece in a room or to bring an older space up to date.