Job description with wooden pen

6 Tips For Writing a Stellar Job Description For Your Next Real Estate Agent

Job description with wooden pen

If you’re looking for a new real estate agent to add to your team or brokerage, your first step may be posting a job description through an online job board, on your website, or through social media. Whatever you do, don’t just dust off your previous description and post it without thinking. This is your opportunity to find the perfect fit for your organization. Put these tips to work and write a job description for a real estate agent who will be an ideal addition to your organization.

#1: Use your team’s needs to guide your description

What is missing in your team or brokerage? Do you need someone with special expertise working with buyers? Do you need to build more financial stability by bringing in a strong referral-based business? Do you need to add more energy or need a more stable, steady approach? Are you looking to get into the luxury market and need a proven performer from that sector? Is there a specific neighborhood where you need to gain a foothold?

Remember, your new team member needs to fill gaps in your current team’s service. Think holistically about what you need in your organization, then create a job description that speaks to those specific requirements.

#2: Market your brokerage’s culture

Agents need to know what makes your team and brokerage special before considering a big move. What is your culture like? What sets you apart from other brokerages in your area? You need to think beyond what the agent can do for you. What can you do for them to help them grow their business and professional expertise? You’ll draw top agents when you provide a compelling value proposition that makes a change worthwhile.

#3: Think beyond the generic

Cutting and pasting a generic job description will get you a generic applicant. If you’re looking for a superstar to add to your team, you need to think bigger. Are you looking for more education and expertise in the agent’s background? A specific niche that they serve? More sophisticated tech skills or marketing ability? Don’t settle for the same old same old but ask for a higher level of achievement.

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#4: Emphasize proven skills and performance

Past performance is generally a good indicator of future potential. Anyone can claim to be a great agent, but what information can they provide to back it up? Ask for specific data that exhibits prior proven performance, including marketing collateral, closed transactions, and recent statistics. Remember, you want to bring in someone who can hit the ground running, so you need to know that they’ve already shown their value elsewhere.

#5: Include needed tech skills and platforms

Ideally, you’d love to bring in an agent with a thorough understanding of the CRM and transaction management platforms you use—or at least experience working with similar systems. If you work with a large number of out-of-town clients, you may want someone who is experienced in providing virtual tours and offering clear online communication. Include the tech skills you expect to see on Day One in your job description and let applicants show you how tech-savvy they really are.

#6: Check for correct spelling and grammar

The job description may be your first impression so make sure it is as thorough and correct as possible. Check for spelling and grammar before you post so that you put your best face forward. Grammarly is a great tool for identifying needed corrections and improving clarity and stylistic elements.