How to Create Winning Real Estate Webinars

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If you know how to use it, the Internet can be a great way to develop new leads. There are many ways you can use online tools to build your list, and that includes real estate webinars. According to most Internet marketers, webinars work. And they work for businesses of all types. They work because not only do they help establish you as a leader in your category, but they provide a way to grow your list. You get an opt-in email address, and your clients get a useful webinar.

So how do you get into the webinar game if you’ve never tried to launch one before? Here are some tips to get you started on the right path.

Pick your niche and develop a message around it

Are you going to establish yourself as a real estate agent who teachers other real estate professionals? Are you going to create content that helps your clients with their specific needs? It doesn’t matter what your first webinar is about; all that matters is that it is a subject on which you can provide a lot of value.

Not sure what your niche would be? Think about conversations you regularly have with clients that are focused on educating them. For example, are you good at helping clients find real estate investments that help them plan for retirement? Do you know the steps a family needs to take to be ready to purchase their first house? Whatever concepts you find yourself particularly skilled in talking about should be the topic of your first webinar.

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Once you’ve picked your niche, think about what you want to say and how you’ll say it. You don’t have to be the best presenter in the world: Just get started. What’s great about webinars is that you can use slides and images to get your point across. Do you want your entire presentation to consist of images with just your voice? That works. Do you want to appear on video talking directly to your audience? That works too.

Just remember: Give your audience something compelling.

“Good speakers tell stories; great speakers tell personal ones,” writes Carmine Gallo in Forbes. “A good presentation includes customer stories, brand stories, and stories of other successful individuals or companies. These stories are fine, but if you’ve reached a high level of success, it’s likely that people want to hear more about you.”

Find a webinar software to do your heavy lifting

If you’re thinking to yourself, “A webinar sounds great, but I’m so bad at technology I could never make that work,” don’t worry. There are so many tools available nowadays for creating your webinar that it doesn’t require a technical genius to produce a beautiful product that your clients and potential leads will love.

Here are some favorite products:


This service is focused on creating webinars for small business owners (hint: you!) It has features that help you speak directly to customers, and has the infrastructure to set you up to be able to teach entire online courses.


This product has straightforward, easy-to-follow, drag-and-drop instructions for setting up your webinar. If you’re not too excited about the prospect of going live in front of an audience, they have what they call a “simulated live” option where you can pre-record your webinar before making it available for your audience.


ClickWebinar provides a hassle-free interface that easily allows you to send email invitations and reminders about your webinar and has a waiting room with the webinar’s agenda laid out for people who tune in.

Advertise your webinar on social media

The most critical component of a successful webinar is attendees. To get people to tune in, you have to advertise on social media. There are other ways to promote your webinar as well, such as including information about it in your email signature. But social media is the most effective way to advertise it.

How do you do this? A lot of webinar hosts find success paying for advertisements on Facebook. The social media channel allows you to target audiences who have visited your website (you can choose options such as within the last three days, five days, and so on).

The process here can get quite detailed, or you can be as general as you want. Internet marketers whose sole job is to buy ads on Facebook can help you make the most of the marketing dollars you want to spend on the platform. If you’re feeling DIY and want to master the art of Facebook ads yourself, a great resource to help you comes from, well, Facebook themselves! You can visit their business page for details on how to get started.



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