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Productivity Hacks For Real Estate Agents

productivity hacks for real estate agents

Sticking to a 40-hour workweek is sometimes difficult when you work on commission. After all, if you aren’t working – you aren’t making money. And there are bills that need to be paid, and you need to save for your kids’ college funds, save for your retirement, and earn money to buy a new roof… . and purchase plane tickets to visit your in-laws . . . (Sorry, we didn’t mean to raise your blood pressure so early in this article.)

But instead of adding hours to your work week, consider how to get more out of those hours. Avoid job burnout by working smarter – not longer – with some proven productivity hacks designed for real estate agents.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Work Day – for Real Estate Agents

Some of you thrive by focusing on one task and finishing it to completion. Others have 23 tabs open at a time and can talk on the phone, bake cookies for an open house, and sign permission slips for your kid’s field trip – all at the same time.

So, we’re not going to tell you how to work. Instead, here are some of our top productivity hacks for real estate agents. 

Schedule your time on social media.

We know that you use social media to market your business and to remind your contacts that you are always available for their real estate needs. While we understand the importance of building your brand by using social media, try not to hop on to your accounts whenever you have downtime or need a break.

Instead, make sure your notifications are on for your business and private messaging accounts and then set time aside each day to comment on, like, and (heart) your contacts’ posts. 

Some people use social media as a break from tedious computer work. They take a break from looking at their screens – by staring at their screens. Instead of picking up your phone, stare out your window if you need a break. Stretch, take deep breaths, and rest your eyes before tackling your tasks again. 

Focus on your clients. 

Some real estate bloggers encourage the use of a strict schedule. They tell you to structure your day into a series of tasks, with one hour spent on lead generation and another analyzing local market data (for example). 

But, in the real world, real estate agents must focus on the needs of their clients. The best way to grow your business is to provide concierge-level service – whether that means staying up late to write a contract or eating dinner at 9 p.m. so you can show a house. This is the harsh reality of working in real estate. 

Create weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.

You need to focus on the needs of your clients. However, you also need to promote your business, generate leads, and continue to grow professionally.

So, create a list of yearly goals. Break those annual goals down into quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals. Review your goals during your Sunday night reset. (More on this later.)

Have a system in place for taking time off of work.

The real estate industry may have appealed to you because you didn’t want a typical 9 to 5 job. However, you may not have been prepared for the long hours that are sometimes required. And staying up late to write a contract or skipping dinner to show a house gets old after a while.

You have to take extended breaks every once in a while. Otherwise, your productivity will suffer. But how do you take time off when you work on commission?

Find a trusted associate on your team to handle calls when you’re unavailable. This will be necessary for emergencies or illnesses – and crucial for your mental health.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

You aren’t the first person who has made money by helping buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions. Plenty of industry tools are available to help with customer relationship management (CRM), transaction management, and lead generation. 

Use available technology – preferably tools your brokerage provides – to streamline processes. Use scripts, automation templates, and drip campaigns to increase productivity and avoid gaps and miscommunications.

Use dual monitors.

Invest in dual monitors if you work at the same desk every day. You’ll be amazed by how much you can increase productivity with this simple, affordable investment. 

Use Sunday night as a reset for your week.

Spend time on Sunday night cleaning up clutter, deleting emails, and organizing your life. This is one of the greatest productivity hacks for real estate agents. It will enable you to ease into your week. You’ll be thanking yourself that you prepared for your week when your phone starts to ring Monday morning.

Use one source for continuing education courses.

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