Major Global Housing Markets Taking a Hit — How It Could Impact You

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Read: Major global housing markets taking a hit 

There’s been a lot of worries lately about the domestic real estate market cooling off, but no real examples of how or when it might happen. There is this though, apparently, luxury housing prices in London, New York and Hong Kong are growing at the slowest rate since 2012. Could that be an early warning sign for the rest of the United States? This article says: yep, maybe. Here are its main points:

  • New York and London are significant enough that if they catch cold it could have a domino effect on the overall market.
  • Sydney is experiencing the worst real estate downturn since the 1980s.
  • Home values in global cities move in tandem so a shift in those markets could ripple out.
  • U.S. developers have focused on luxury units, which created a surplus of luxury housing and a shortage of lower-end homes, driving up the cost of low-end housing.
  • With rising interest rates, markets are slowing.

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Watch: How to start social media marketing as a beginner in 2019

Ever feel like you’re too far behind the curve to even get into the social media game in 2019? Well, you’re not. It’s really important for you to be on social media as a real estate agent. We’ve even talked to real estate agents who’ve conducted entire transactions through Instagram. Real estate agents are using social media platforms to provide helpful resources for their communities and brand their businesses. (Check out how these guys use Facebook if you need some inspiration). 

If you’re hesitant to jump into social media because you feel like you’re too far behind to grasp it—don’t be. That’s where this helpful video comes in. It’s an easy-to-follow guide to getting into social media right now. There’s no time like the present!

Listen: Harvard Business Review’s “Ideacast”

This is a great podcast for anyone managing a team (or hoping to develop some great habits for the day when they eventually manage a team). It’ll give you a broad overview of all aspects of management including financials, marketing and getting the best out of your team members. Episode 243 titled “Networking Myths Dispelled” is an interesting one if you’re the kind of person who gets stressed about growing or tapping into your network.

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Have you heard of the book The Lean Startup? It’s very popular in the business world and probably worth a read if you’re thinking about how to set up your own real estate business, or how to improve your current one. Its author, Eric Reis, is good at teaching you how to measure your return on investment and his Twitter has Retweets and original thoughts about business that could help you keep your mindset on track when you’re scrolling your feed.

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