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Top 5 Ways to Invest in Your Real Estate Professional Development

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Last month (March), we asked our CE Plus members, “How do you invest in your professional development?” The overwhelming winner was “taking classes and attending webinars” with 75% of the votes. If you’re interested in learning more about how real estate agents are improving themselves, keep reading.

How do you invest in your professional development?

how do you invest in your professional development survey results

Take classes/attend webinars (75%)

I like taking classes online anytime I want. I like the convenience of being able to keep up to date in the real estate industry from home and not have to pay for parking or going to a crowded venue.”

I enjoy classroom training to hear other agents’ perspectives. But I am more focused when taking webinars.”

I constantly look for courses and certifications to both expand my knowledge and get content ideas to share with my clients.”

Knowledge is part of my value proposition. I’m currently participating with a group Luxury coaching session, the Tech Enabled Agent group coaching and MAPS Group Coaching tech lab, as well as taking a Luxury Institute Course. It is important to stay on the cutting edge of our profession.”

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Other (10%)

“I believe it takes more than just one of those things. I read the information in Realtor magazine, I listen to applicable blogs, I take classes and webinars, read books and seek out information from colleagues.”

Self-mastery requires the use of all and any spokes on the wheel. I also take numerous online courses, read multiple books and magazines, attend conferences and participate in masterminds.”

Read industry magazines/blogs (5%)

“I stay abreast of industry changes by reading trade publications and communicating routinely with lenders and affiliates.

Read books (5%)

I like to read everything that is available: magazines, blogs, books, etc. I really enjoy McKissock classes, as well. Now, more than ever, online learning is paramount to our professional development.

I try to read something everyday and glean from it. They say if you learn one thing from each that you have not wasted your time and that we can only absorb so much at a time. So glean everyday.”

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Hire a coach/mentor (5%)

Hiring a coach or mentor is a great way to get one-on-one advice for your specific situation.

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