real estate under eighty

Real Estate Brands for People Under 80 and More

real estate under eighty

Listen: How to think like a startup

This is a fashion podcast, but don’t be turned off. This episode was a speech given by 21-year-old venture capitalist Patrick Finnegan who was invited to President Obama’s inauguration after raising $10,000 for him as a teenager.

Now, he heads a New York fund and knows how to think strategically about growth. He’s speaking to an audience of fashion and real estate influencers — people who are thinking about ways to optimize the commercial real estate experience to create fashion destinations.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your business scalable, manage a business, or wondered what big thinkers in the commercial real estate space are talking about, this one’s for you.

Watch: The best way to start selling real estate

Do you need a 15-minute primer video on how to get into real estate? Start with this. It’s published by Graham Stephen, a 27-year-old real estate agent with a self-proclaimed (we haven’t fact-checked him) $120,000,000 in real estate sales since 2008.

He’ll walk you through his methods if you’re just getting started. He starts with the basics like getting your license, networking and introducing yourself. Skip to point four if you want to know how to get started as an assistant.

Pro tip: we also have a fresh blog on the same topic with expert advice for you.

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Read: Golf pro Marc Turnesa makes a career switch to real estate

Talk about a transition, former PGA Tour winner Marc Turnesa is a real estate agent now. After getting his license in January he’s closing on a listing next week. He even has two listings available online, a 1,324 square foot villa he renovated himself in Jupiter, Florida and a 2,278, four bedroom on the market for $575,000.

“I’ve been doing this real estate thing for a short time now and I’m good at it,” he told the Golf Channel. “It doesn’t matter what I do, if I’m successful at it, that’s what I want to do.”

Follow: A real estate brand for people under 80

The design blog Fastcodesign recently praised the aesthetic instincts of Halstead, a New York-based real estate company with an eye toward luxury. In a departure from the baby boomer tailored design strategy of legacy real estate firms, Halstead’s logo caters to the millennial set. Follow their Instagram for a video with the image and to pick up the vibe of their aesthetic.

Act: Think ahead to Mother’s Day

What kind of a social media lift can you be getting out of Mother’s Day? It could be a great time of year to put together a giveaway. Consider running a loop giveaway on Instagram. Don’t know what that is? This post will explain. You’ll want to find like-minded accounts you can partner with in your market — that way you all get a boost and you’ll find a way to stay engaged with your clients, an important part of customer service