woman burnt out at work

Diagnosis: Real Estate Burnout

woman burnt out at work

Real estate never sleeps. Meaning if you’re competitive in your market, you may feel like you must constantly be available and constantly be working. Unfortunately, this ambitious attitude does not always fair well.

Symptoms of Real Estate Burnout

  • Your drive to work decreases
  • Your enthusiasm to meet new clients and interact with other agents fades
  • You feel stressed

By recognizing the symptoms of burnout and taking the necessary steps to eliminate it, you can revive your excitement for your job and perhaps gain a new perspective on the real estate profession. So what are the best ways to prevent real estate burnout?

Identify your problem areas

What aspects of your job are causing you to burnout? Do you feel as though you’re losing control of your workload? Are your colleagues difficult to get along with? Once you identify the underlying reasons for your burnout you can start to make the necessary changes, which will leave you time to relax, re-energize, and rediscover your motivation for the real estate profession.

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Appreciate the little things

Oftentimes you can become so wrapped up in your work that you forget to stop and appreciate yourself and all that you do for others. One of the best ways to do this is to take some time to reflect on small, but important, triumphs as a real estate professional.

One suggestion is to look at ‘thank you’ letters from especially appreciative clients. Small tokens like this are not only a testament to your skills, they are a reminder of how devoted you are to your clients and why you chose to be a part of the real estate profession.

Set boundaries

Though technically it is you who is working for your client and not vice versa, allowing them to have complete control of your life and your free time will put you on the fast track to real estate burnout. It is important for you to be as honest and direct as possible with clients about how you conduct your business. For example, you should keep your clients up-to-date on your hours of availability, your preferred method of contact, and when they should expect their calls or emails to be returned. You will likely be surprised at how uncomplicated an agent-client relationship can be.

Control your time

In a business where quick responses and ‘availability’ mean everything, it can often be difficult to develop effective time management skills. The issue with promoting constant availability is that effective, personal service may fall by the wayside if you attempt to accomplish too many tasks in too short of a time frame. The subsequent time crunch can potentially result in real estate burnout. Though creating a timetable for your daily tasks may seem as though it will slow you down it will, in actuality, increase your productivity and allow you to focus your energy on important tasks.

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Take a break from technology

Checking emails, MLS listings, news sites, blogs, social media—it all takes up a big portion of our day. Set aside sometime each day when you can put away your laptop, turn off your phone and stop checking email.

Nourish your creative side

Creativity is a powerful antidote to burnout. Try something new in your personal life or take a new real estate course. You’ll be surprised at how re-energizing a little creative outlet can be.

Take a breather

Sometimes, burnout can be impossible to avoid, no matter what strategy you try. If you reach a point where you feel as though work has become unbearable, take a break. Take some time off here and there or schedule a fun vacation—just make sure you leave your cell phone at home.