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From Green to Sold: Simple Tips for Selling an Eco-Friendly Home

With environmental concerns escalating each year, the market for eco-friendly homes has begun to flourish as well. Currently, buildings are responsible for around 40 percent of carbon emissions. As people have begun to realize the size of their environmental footprint, they are becoming increasingly interested in the advantages of green housing. From lower operating costs to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, eco-friendly homes offer numerous benefits to both homeowners and the environment.

Though green homes may appear to be the complete package, they are not always the easiest to sell. While it’s easy to showcase new granite counters, sleek wood floors, and high-quality kitchen appliances, it may not be so easy to showcase a home’s air quality or water efficiency. With this in mind, there are particular marketing strategies you should consider when selling a green home. Read on for three ways to get started.


Watch Your Wording

Though you want to create a ‘green’ listing description, you should be careful of certain terminology. For example, it’s best not to use the word ‘green’ in your listing description. You may think the term is effective when marketing an eco-friendly home, however, ‘green building’ is actually quite an ambiguous concept. Try using a more precise terms such as ‘high-performance’ or ‘non-toxic’. Using these terms in the right context can convey that a home is both environmentally-friendly and efficient.


Emphasize the Savings

Though you want your buyers to know that you are selling an eco-friendly home, it’s best to emphasize the real world benefits of purchasing this type of property. In other words, sell buyers on their needs first and their wants second. No matter how much a buyer cares about their carbon footprint or the protection of endangered wildlife, a home’s environmental impact will generally rank second to safety and affordability. It’s also important to consider that some buyers may assume that a home listed as ‘green’ may cost more than what they can afford. As previously stated, the term is ambiguous. Instead of emphasizing the‘green’ aspect, emphasize how the features of a green home can save a buyer money.


Target Your Listing

Though the market for eco-friendly homes is continuing to grow, they aren’t for everyone. As with any marketing strategy it’s important to distinguish your client base and advertise your properties on the appropriate platforms. Luckily, there are a number of sites that cater specifically to green buyers. These sites include: