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What Real Estate Costs Worldwide, Digital Marketing Apps, and More


Read: What $1 million buys in real estate worldwide

It seems like it wasn’t long ago that putting $1 million into a piece of property could guarantee you’d live in the lap of luxury. Nowadays buyers get comparatively less for their dollar. Next time one of your clients is frustrated about not being able to find a dream home in their price range, help them put that amount of money into perspective:

  • For $1 million, you can buy 172 square feet in Monaco (about the size of a walk-in closet)
  • For $1 million, you can buy 236 square feet in Hong Kong
  • For $1 million, you can buy 270 square feet in New York

Prices in Los Angeles; Cape Town, South Africa, and Sao Paulo, Brazil get progressively more affordable. A whole array of rankings is available for if you want to know what real estate costs all over the world.

Watch: Leverage the newest apps to get more exposure online

Be assured that whatever your real estate business needs are, there’s an app for that. The problem? How to sort the good from the bad. There are too many apps out there to handle!

A video created by Real Estate Uncensored attempts to break down some of the best apps. Here’s what they found:

  • Flyr. For $6.99 a month agents can use video to make a clean, short video to capture their clients’ attention and get them to take action to follow links, submit forms, or reply to you. Their templates make it easy and quick.
  • Outgrow. Great for creating landing pages and online marketing campaigns, this online platform allows you to develop calculators, quizzes, and polls.

You can also view a screenshare of how to use Outgrow and some ideas on how to customize it to create content that is relevant to real estate.

Listen: Rise and shine with the 5 a.m. club

If you’re an early riser on the West Coast (or just a regular riser on the East Coast), we highly recommend calling into Sharran Srivatsaa’s daily phone call with high achievers and business leaders. About 30 percent of the callers are in real estate. New topics are covered every day.

Tracy Hauser, who has been a full-time agent and broker since 1986, will be on the call on March 22 talking about the power of intention. Don’t miss it.

Follow: Predict where the industry is headed next

Real estate coach Tom Ferry Tweets, “true success in real estate isn’t achieved by focusing on where the industry is now. It’s all about knowing where it’s headed next.” Ferry’s got some compelling ideas on how to stay ahead of the curve, and he Tweets a lot of them for his followers to read.

Act: Spring has sprung, and you can capitalize on that

We’ve officially made it through the darkest part of winter and spring is here! (Almost.) March 20 marks the first day of spring and is a perfect way to get a little boost in your digital marketing efforts. Here are some fresh ideas from Social Media Today on how to spring into the new season. (Yes, pun intended.) Their article is St. Patrick’s Day themed, but we think it works great for a more general spring theme as well.

Strategies to try:

  • Create a unique promotion
    • Is there a way you can capitalize on spring cleaning or the newness of the season to market your services to people in the community? Put on your thinking cap.
  • Send out emails with a holiday theme
    • You could pick St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) as an easy excuse to message your audience as long as you have something valuable to say. But think about spring in general and what a real estate pros might want to remind clients of that could be helpful as the seasons change. Perhaps tips on how to clean up your yard after winter, or how to do maintenance and repairs might add value.
  • Conduct a social media poll
    • Or, if you’re not up to a contest, follow the Outgrow demos (listed in the Watch section of this post) to create a survey about spring or any of the spring-centered holidays that are coming up.
  • Provide safety and public service tips
    • You can tweet these out as helpful advice for your followers. What always happens in the spring that people in your community should be aware of? Is there a melting pond that people should stop skating on? Are there new transportation schedules as the weather clears? You’re the local expert. Advertise your expertise!