real estate agent wearing covid mask

Real Estate Safety Course Updated with COVID-19 Guidelines

real estate agent wearing covid mask

McKissock Learning’s top-rated CE course, Real Estate Safety: Protect Yourself and Your Clients, has been updated with a new chapter on the COVID-19 pandemic. After a significant drop in real estate listings in March and April, early trends suggest that buyers and sellers in many markets across the nation will soon be ready to buy and sell again. Now is the time for real estate agents to prepare to service these customers—both during and after the pandemic.

What’s covered in the COVID-19 chapter?

In the new COVID-19 chapter, we’ll discuss how to safely resume your real estate business during this global health emergency while practicing safe distancing according to federal public health guidelines. We’ll also examine activities you can be doing now to reach current and prospective clients by leveraging evolving industry trends, virtual technology tools, and creative social media advertising to market properties. Finally, we’ll look at some resources for related industries and discuss how you and your clients can work with them as quarantines continue to be lifted.

What else will I learn from this course?

The Real Estate Safety course contains a plethora of useful information in addition to the newly-added COVID-19 guidelines and best practices. You’ll learn methods to protect yourself and your clients from a variety of other risks, ranging from cyber theft to personal property damage and theft, to assaults.

Here’s the full chapter list:

  1. Protecting Yourself
  2. The Real Estate Business During COVID-19
  3. Securing Your Computer to Keep Customers and Clients Information Safe
  4. Working with Seller Clients: Getting a Home Ready to Sell
  5. Working with Seller Clients: Conducting the Showings
  6. Working with Buyers with Safety in Mind
  7. Final Exam

Learn how to safely conduct your real estate business during COVID-19. Enroll in our newly-updated CE course, Real Estate Safety: Protect Yourself and Your Clients.