woman hugging husband in new home

Why Real Estate Agents Love Real Estate

woman hugging husband in new home

Since last month (February) was the month of “love,” we asked our CE Plus members, “What do you love about real estate?” The overwhelming winner was “working with/helping people” with almost 50% of the votes. If you’re interested in learning what other aspects of real estate made the list, keep reading.

Why Do You Love Real Estate?

McKissock Real Estate Question of the Month Results What Do You Love About Real Estate

Working with and Helping People (49%)

“I went into real estate when I put my home up for sale. I found the agent I used made all the difference in the world. I wanted to be as helpful for others as she was for me.”

“There are very few jobs out there that you can earn a good living by helping people and not need a college education.”

“I love working with first-time buyers and helping them with one of the largest and most important financial decisions of their lives. Most people don’t know that the average net worth of a homeowner is over 40 times that of a renter. As a real estate agent, I help people with one of the three basic necessities—shelter. This is far more rewarding than the compensation I receive.”

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Flexible Schedule (21%)

“Being able to be with my daughter when she needs me is the best part of this job!”

“I’m able to take off when I need to so that I can tend to my five children!”

No Salary Cap (18%)

“I like the fact that I have control of my income.”

“There is no ceiling to what you can earn in the real estate profession. Work hard and you can realize your substantial dreams with uncapped financial potential.”

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Ability to Be Your Own Boss (6%)

“Working as a real estate agent has been a game changer for me. I worked in the corporate world at a young age and watched males given opportunities to climb the corporate ladder quicker than myself. As I searched for other opportunities, real estate sales rose to the top as the way to help others with their financial investments and learn to be a resource to my clients.”

“I live the American dream and am my own boss!”

Other (6%)

“All of the above!”

“That each day is a new learning opportunity and brings great clients into my life, even after 30 years.”

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