20 Ideas to Get Your Name Out There as an Appraiser

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Are you just getting started as a new appraiser? Or perhaps you’re looking to expand your current client list? According to our most recent Appraisal Income Guide, appraisers who excel at obtaining new clients and soliciting business earn over $47,000 more per year than appraisers who fail in this area. Here are twenty ideas you can use to get your name out there and grow your network as you work to launch, maintain, and grow your appraisal business.

Ways to get your name out there

The following marketing ideas for appraisers have been compiled from a range of sources, including appraiser surveys, interviews with industry experts, McKissock Learning courses, and best practices in business marketing.

  1. Get out and talk with people.
  2. Go to networking events.
  3. Attend real estate meetings.
  4. Join professional groups in your local area.
  5. Get onto approved appraiser rosters (lender, AMC, FHA, VA).
  6. Volunteer in your community.
  7. Send out direct mailers.
  8. Start a monthly email newsletter.
  9. Establish an online presence via website and social media.
  10. Start a blog and write about topics that your clients (or future clients) would find useful.
  11. Contribute articles to an established appraisal blog like McKissock Learning (here’s how).
  12. Be a guest on a popular appraisal podcast.
  13. Update your LinkedIn profile.
  14. Connect with local professionals in related industries on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.
  15. Join Facebook groups for appraisers and participate in group discussions.
  16. Join and participate in online forums (e.g., National Appraisers Forum).
  17. Create promotional or educational video content to post on YouTube or send out to your current clients via email.
  18. Advertise on sites like Zillow and Realtor.com.
  19. Reach out to past clients; ask them if they’d be willing to provide referrals or testimonials.
  20. Reach out to colleagues in the appraisal industry; let them know you’re seeking assignments in a certain appraisal niche (e.g., luxury appraisals, green home appraisals, divorce and estate work, expert witness assignments).

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More marketing resources for appraisers

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