Female Hands Holding Smart Phone Displaying Photo of For Sale Real Estate Sign and House Behind.

4 Tips to Help Your Real Estate Listings Stand Out from the Competition

Female Hands Holding Smart Phone Displaying Photo of For Sale Real Estate Sign and House Behind.

Nearly 60% of the U.S population moves every year, so the competition for selling a home is greater than ever. Fortunately, the demand for real estate is high in these current markets. However, these conditions pose a challenge for you as real estate agents: How can your listings cut through the noise, attract potential buyers, and yield a possible transaction for your clients?

Here are four tips to transform your real estate listings with the hottest property details that buyers wouldn’t pass up.

#1: Portray a Future Lifestyle Instead of Just a New House

One of the biggest mistakes real estate agents make is not personalizing the listing by only providing the basic details about the property. While those details are essential, they’re not enough to convince potential buyers that this should be their future home. As real estate agents, you must paint a vivid picture of what their future lifestyle could look like in a new home or neighborhood. For instance, if the buyer is interested in raising a family, they might want to see how the home can easily grow and adapt to changing family dynamics.

In your description of the property, provide a special spin on how spare rooms can easily function as nurseries, bedrooms, game rooms, or even dens for family entertainment. List all the possible ways your potential buyer will benefit from purchasing the home for their family. Remember, you want the potential new homeowner to picture themselves growing with the property, not out of it. Be creative and explore different ways your potential clients will be able to see themselves in the home.

#2: Don’t Spare Expenses When Staging the Home

Imagine two properties that you are listing and showing: One has the bare minimum with only relatively new flooring, a fresh coat of paint, cabinets, and kitchen essentials, while the other one is fully furnished with sofas, tables, rugs, vases, and other items that portray a sense of home. Which listing do you think is going to get the most attention?

There are cases where an empty home tour is viable for some potential buyers, but if you want to stand out from the competition, look into a professional stager. By professionally staging the property, you’re helping reinforce the idea of a specific future lifestyle for potential buyers. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, making it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. Talk to your brokerage about connecting with interior designers, stagers, and furnishing companies that can professionally stage the home. Or, if the professional route isn’t an option, get creative by utilizing your existing resources to help stage the home yourself. Something as simple as strategically positioning mirrors to make a room appear larger could go a long way.

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#3: Use Professional Photography and Print Marketing Materials

Real estate listings are getting more advanced due to new technology such as aerial photography, drone footage, and virtual 3-D renderings. However, don’t underestimate the power of professional photography and classic print marketing materials to help boost your listing’s profile. Professional photography instantly appeals to the visual perceptions of the buyers, as they are more than likely to linger on online listings and print materials to check out every professionally crafted detail.

Using professionally printed materials, such as flyers, brochures, and direct mailers, to advertise the property is essential to attracting buyers who are not necessarily searching online for a new home. Have your printed materials ready for open houses, and make sure that the quality of your collateral helps reinforce the quality of the property you’re showing to potential buyers.

#4: Offer Exceptional Service to Back Up the Listing

Remember, even with a great-looking listing and professionally designed print materials, a failure to meet client expectations and deliver stellar customer service will potentially drive would-be buyers away. Always go above and beyond to provide the best real estate services possible by clearly communicating with clients and making yourself available for inquiries or to answer any questions about the process.

Not every real estate agent will take the time to follow up with their clients after the transaction, and this is an area where you can demonstrate your exceptional service. Reach out to your clients and ask them how they feel about their new home, provide any recommendations for home repairs or services they might need, and again thank them for their business. These personal connections will potentially benefit your business in the long run, particularly if your clients choose to refer you to their own circle of friends and family.