successful real estate agent on the job

How Continuing Education Drives Success in Real Estate

successful real estate agent on the job

One of the components of building a successful career is called modeling. Modeling is patterning your behavior after someone who perhaps you admire and has built a career you would like to emulate. This is particularly valuable in real estate, where newer agents can seek out the advice and wisdom of those with more experience.

Modeling, in essence, is learning what a person has done to become successful and taking similar steps. Are there traits that these successful agents share? What do they have in common? How do they approach life and their careers? What separates them from the crowd? Just what makes these individuals, apart from others, successful in real estate? When you put together all of the best traits and mindsets that make up the brokers and agents you admire the most, the path toward success becomes a little bit more clear.

Successful Agents Know What They Want

Since everybody defines success somewhat differently, “success” is what you deem it to be. For many, it is a financial standing or stability. For others, it is the satisfaction of helping people. Others may define success as the perfect balance between professional and personal achievement.

Initially, success may be closing on that first property. It eventually may reach a home or multiple properties per month. Success may be having your own brokerage or having others work for you. It may involve owning several investment properties. The point is that you need to take the time to decide how you will define success. Most successful agents know what the success level is for them and where they currently stand in relation to those goals. A combination of short-term and long-term goals can keep people motivated while still looking to the horizon.

Successful Agents are Always Learning

Those who achieve a certain level of success in real estate understand the importance of continual learning. It is not just learning from experience, it is also proactive and intentional research. Successful real estate professionals read books, watch videos, attend seminars, listen to podcasts, read blogs, and more. They are expanding not only their knowledge but their horizons.

There’s an almost endless appetite to learn about this industry, the latest trends, tactics, and strategies. Successful real estate professionals seem to have a thirst for learning that has become second nature. Even the most seasoned veteran knows that no one knows everything and those who regularly seek knowledge put themselves in the best position to succeed.

Successful Agents Sweat the Small Stuff (but not too much)

Successful agents seem to know when even small details can make a big difference. It may be a part of a previous conversation, a seller’s goal they only mentioned once, or a birthdate or anniversary. It could be extensive knowledge of current and upcoming businesses and developments in a specific neighborhood. Clients and colleagues alike will notice.

Of course, stressing out about every single detail is seldom productive. On the other hand, paying close attention, using good listening and superior note-taking skills are powerful tools in real estate. Successful pros know when, where and how to use them.

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Successful Agents Are Honest With Themselves

Those who are successful in real estate know there is no real place to hide. They understand the buck often stops with them and no excuses will suffice. Did you give your best effort this month? Did you do as much as you could for every lead, prospect or customer? Is there room for improvement and where? What can you do differently? What is keeping you from moving up to the next gear?

When agents can identify where there is room for improvement, they can take prompt action to grow or resolve any issues that arise.

Successful Agents Fail

Successful agents fail because they are constantly trying. Stumbling is part of growing and pushing yourself to the next level. If there is a successful real estate professional out there who has never missed the mark on even one occasion, a statue needs to be built in their honor.

Obviously, you don’t want to fail 100% of the time, but if you’re too afraid of failure, you may never find just how far you can go. Do not fear success and do not fear failure. When failure happens, make sure to learn from it and move forward accordingly.

Successful Agents Are Goal-Oriented

Successful real estate professionals know the power of goals. They also understand that goals should be set for each of the steps it takes in reaching a sale, not just sales themselves.

Setting goals along the way allows you to achieve success by creating a stepping stone. As they are reached, your ultimate sales goals can be reached. The goals you have will be influenced by where you are in your career. These smaller goals may include:

  • Number of new contacts made each week
  • Emails or phone calls made each day
  • Community-related events attended each month
  • How many times you ask for a referral each month

Set these goals to your own comfort/challenge level and track them. Keep records of your “personal best” for each category you track. This is particularly useful in real estate where closing is a relatively infrequent occurrence. It’s certainly fine to have a goal of “X closings by the end of the year,” but setting these smaller, achievable goals that can be monitored helps breed future success. At some point, these goals might include “recruit X stellar agents this quarter.”

Becoming a Successful Agent

It can be simple to look at someone with 20 years of experience and see their longevity as a cause of their success. It is more likely their habits were the cause of their success and longevity in the industry. When you pay attention and see how these successful agents think, conduct themselves and take care of business, you can get a clearer understanding of what it takes.

Successful agents know what they want, are detail-oriented and are always learning. They are honest with themselves, are not afraid to fail, and they set and monitor realistic yet challenging goals. There’s a lot to be learned and it starts by simply paying attention.

Shawn Clayton is the owner and broker of Clayton & Clayton REALTORS®.