real estate job satisfaction

Yes, Job Satisfaction Really Does Help You Earn More

real estate job satisfaction

Editor’s Note: This information has been updated to reflect the most recent State of the Real Estate Agent survey results conducted in December of 2020. For more information about the survey and methodology, download the free report.

Job satisfaction impacts your overall income, according to our latest research. We surveyed agents across the country and discovered that agents who identify as happy in their careers earn an average of 3 times more.

Overall, real estate ranks as one of the happiest careers in the country. In fact, 82% of agents say they are happy in their careers. This compares to a national average of 54% of all U.S. workers.

How to increase your job satisfaction

If you’re not experiencing job satisfaction as a real estate agent, what should you do? While it might be tempting to consider switching careers, there are some options you can try first.

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1. Are you experiencing agent burnout?

Burnout is common and impacts an estimated 70 percent of workers. If you’re waking up every morning and finding it very difficult to be motivated enough to check emails, answer calls or do other regular tasks that keep your business running you might be experiencing burnout. Educating yourself on what burnout is, how it impacts your performance and how you can combat burnout are important steps in overcoming this hurdle.

2. Are you making the most of real estate’s perks?

Many agents get into the business for the flexible hours and the ability to be their own boss but then they actually experience less flexibility due to poor time management skills. Learning how to manage yourself better could help increase your job satisfaction.

3. Are you in the right niche?

Your niche impacts how much you earn, but the job satisfaction you feel in your career can also be dependent on your niche. Working outside of your niche or considering ways to broaden your scope could give you a new challenge and help you find a renewed passion for your work.

What to do if you’re still unsatisfied in your career

Sometimes it can be hard to find job satisfaction if you’re really unhappy with your work. Here are some ideas for pulling yourself out of a mental slump.

  1. Find a mentor who has gone through a similar situation.
  2. See a therapist or career coach.
  3. Read books that can give you new strategies.
  4. Listen to podcasts that inspire you.
  5. Find your sense of purpose in your job.
  6. Use some of your time to give back professionally — can you mentor others? Help with affordable housing projects? Do pro-bono work in some way?

It pays to be happy

Job satisfaction isn’t just about making yourself feel good. Our survey shows that agents who are happy with their work perform better. Take some time to evaluate your happiness and reach out to those around you if you’re feeling unsatisfied and aren’t sure how to change.