3 Tips for Getting a Higher Commission Split

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Many real estate agents want to know, “When is the right time to ask my broker for a higher commission split?” That’s why we asked national real estate coach Sherri Johnson for her expert advice on when—and how—to ask your managing broker for an increase in your commission split. Click the video below to watch this insightful interview.

Key Takeaways

Don’t have time to watch the video? Here are some quick takeaways so that you can get the gist (although you will get the most information and value from watching the full interview).

#1: Consider the value you’re getting

Sherri says that agents often focus too much on the commission split alone. However, it’s not all about the commission split; it’s about the value that you’re getting from your brokerage. You want to make sure the relationship is mutually beneficial. Are you getting value from your brokerage in the form of business support, training, and technology tools? Likewise, is your broker getting value from you in terms of the amount of business you’re bringing in?

If you’re generating a good amount of new business and your numbers are up from the previous year, it may be a good time to ask for a bigger split.

#2: Don’t be demanding

You want to have a conversation about your commission compensation plan without being demanding, Sherri says. She recommends asking questions like:

  • What other plans exist?
  • Are there other plans that I qualify for?
  • Do you have a plan that accelerates my income so that I can go up the tiers faster?

Every brokerage has different commission split plans, so make sure you know what plans are available and which ones you qualify for based on your performance and track record.

#3: Know where you’re headed

It’s important to know what the next step will be in terms of receiving your next pay raise or commission split increase. You might have an annual conversation about it. Or, if you’re locked into a plan for a certain number of years (e.g. three years), make sure you know what the next level is. That way you’ll have a specific goal that you’re shooting for, which will help you stay motivated.

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